If you want to succeed in marketing on Reddit, start by unsubscribing from every Subreddit, except one.

New Users and the Default Subreddits

New Reddit users are automatically subscribed to 50 subreddits. Most of these communities are time-wasters that you may or may not be interested in. More importantly, they are not good communities to focus your marketing efforts on unless you are a widely popular brand or consistently mentioned by the community.

We showed you how to customize the front page of Reddit in a previous article. Now, we want you to sharpen your focus even more, especially if you are new to Reddit.

Pick One, Targeted Subreddit

Start with one, targeted community that is of manageable size (less than 50k subscribers).

Focusing on one subreddit will give you more opportunity to build personal relationships with other Redditors and the Moderators. It will also be easier to contribute top submissions and comments.

Building a reputation on Reddit is no easy task. Instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple subreddits, focus on creating a valuable and meaningful reputation with a single community. After you build a strong reputation in one subreddit, you can start branching out to related communities to meet new Redditors and bigger audiences.

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