Recently we started posting to the Reddit Marketing subreddit in an effort to develop it into an active Reddit community. The purpose of this Reddit community is to have discussions with redditors about the Reddit marketing campaigns happening on a daily basis. We want to learn more about how redditors perceive businesses on the platform and how businesses can engage Reddit communities in a way that is ethical and valued by redditors.

Long term, we have two goals for the community:

  1. We want redditors to see /r/RedditMarketing as a place where they can catalog good and bad examples of Reddit marketing.
  2. We want businesses to see /r/RedditMarketing as a place where they can learn to be contributing members of the Reddit community while they represent their business on the platform.

Here are a few posts we’ve made in the community so far:

If you are interesting in joining the discussion, click here to visit /r/RedditMarketing.

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