We have ventured deep into reddit.

We have seen the amazing interactions that happen between individuals and large groups on reddit. Nothing like it is happening anywhere else on the internet. Those little up and down voting arrows create an entire universe where individuals and crowds can interact more efficiently than ever before.

We have seen what works and what doesn’t work on reddit.

There is a strategy to marketing on reddit and it’s different than other platforms. It starts by seeing reddit as a collection of communities instead of a social bookmarking site. You win in the long-term by implementing ethical strategies that focus on authenticity and delivering value.

Reddit has world-changing potential.

Reddit shows us how the right online platform can decentralize the authority of a community and increase their ability to form a collective voice. We think reddit can dramatically change the world not only in the realm of marketing, but in all forms of internal and external communication.

So we will keep going deep with reddit. We cannot help you with facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We will leave that to the professionals who have gone deep into those platforms. We are focused on reddit and learning as much as we can about one of the most interesting platforms online.

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