If you’re looking to learn what you need to succeed online, whether you want to learn website design, SEO, social media, marketing, graphic design, or video production, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite courses I’ve taken over the years that have made an impact on my life and my career.

The Home Business Academy

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There is a term that’s used among entrepreneurs and those trying to build an online business. It’s known as “paralysis by analysis”… or the “shiny object syndrome” Haha. Both of these terms describe what happens to entrepreneurs who are trying to learn as much as they can to better themselves and their business. You see lots of online courses for any and everything you want to learn. And let’s face it, as entrepreneurs, we often want to learn it all! And often feel like we need to. I am overly guilty of this. I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours over the years learning and training. Don’t get me wrong, as entrepreneurs and as humans, we need to always be learning and getting better. But it’s easy to get distracted by so many courses and so much information, that you end up not being able to take in all of the information, or even finishing a course you’ve spent money on.

This is a big reason that I’ve been apart of The Home Business Academy since it opened last year. Within its membership, you’ll have access to all the training you need to succeed online, all in one place. Even mindset training, which is invaluable for an entrepreneur and often overlooked.

Here is some of the training you will receive inside The Home Business Academy:

  • Exclusive affiliate rights so you can refer others to our products and earn $100 residuals and $400 – $800 one time commissions (80% Payout)
  • Refer just 2 customers and be in positive cash flow (in essence, making your business FREE)
  • 8 Video Social Media Module that teaches how to generate simple, free unlimited leads with Facebook.
  • New personal development training audio updated each weekday to help you stay inspired, educated & motivated with lessons from top earners and community members.
  • Complete audio goldmine (Over 1,100 leadership & personal development audios)
  • 15 Video Step By Step YouTube Ranking Course so you can learn how to generate the best high quality leads for your business online for free.
  • Live weekly interactive marketing coaching webinar so you can get all of your questions answered with coaching from top earners.
  • 7 Video Lead Magnet Course that teaches how to craft a free giveaway that sets you apart from the crowd and helps you attract the best leads for your business.
  • Membership in our private members only Facebook group where you can learn from & network with other serious home business owners.
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Mastery with six figure earner where you can learn how to generate simple yet extremely high quality leads for your business with LinkedIn
  • Irresistible Invitations Module so you can learn how to invite people to look at your business in a way they are are almost powerless to resist.
  • 12 Video Blogging Module so you can learn how to set up and run a blog that produces leads and effectively follows up so you can make more sales.
  • Facebook Video Ads Module with 7 figure earner that teaches his formula for generating high quality leads on Facebook with video.

And much more and growing all of the time. As you can see from that list, The Home Business Academy is not only a place for all of the training you need, but it’s a great place to find a mentor, accountability, and even the best affiliate program that I’ve ever seen. Give me a shout if you have any questions about The Home Business Academy or give it a go for only $7!

BookBossbook boss logo

BookBoss is the perfect course to show you quickly and effectively how to create amazing eBooks that you can start to generate a profit from. This has been a great course to really help me organize my content and create eBooks without paying someone loads of money to do it for me. The best part is, this course is only $197!

LeadPages Affiliate Marketing Training Course

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