The tools and resources I use to succeed online

I am often asked what I use for various parts of my business, so I wanted to provide a page of resources so you know exactly what I use, why I use it, and how it has helped me find success online.

This page is important for two reasons: 1) With the amount of tools and resources online and so many options to choose from within any category, it’s often best to see exactly what someone who has found success uses to get there; and 2) you may find something helpful here that you didn’t know about and can implement into your business.

Some of these recommendations are affiliate links, just so you know. None of these recommendations are here for the commissions, so absolutely feel free to not use the affiliate links if you prefer. However, if you choose to make a purchase thru any of the links, I am truly thankful for your support and am blessed because of it.

If you have any questions at all about any of these resources, please feel free to reach out! I will be happy to share more about my experiences with them and answer any questions I can.

Tools I can’t live without

WP Reset

If you’re powering your site with WordPress, WP Reset is a tool you simply must have in your arsenal.

This powerful plugin acts as a safety net and allows you to make mistakes. Unlike a backup, WP Reset works much faster by creating snapshots of your database and allows quick restorations.

It also comes with amazing features like installing collections of WordPress plugins & themes, resetting tools that let you handle parts of your site, Emergency Recovery Script that will help you regain access to your site even when you can’t log in after a bad update!

WP 301 Redirects

When maintaining sites, redirects are inevitable. Whether I need to redirects specific posts & pages to the new one or redirect the entire (old) domain to a new one, this plugin helps me a lot!

Besides the basic redirect option, it can automatically catch typos, works with 404 pages, and comes with an amazing dashboard that lets me remotely do some actions, see reports, etc. If you need to redirect anything from/to your site, WP 301 Redirects is a tool you will want to have next to you.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Starting a new site isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. Before going live with a new website or blog, I always like to place a coming soon page on it. It gives me time to work on the design, while this page takes care of the first visitors.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode does a great job here, and it’s one of the first plugins I install on WordPress sites.

You should check it out!

leadpages logoLeadPages

LeadPages is by far the tool I could not live without.

LeadPages started out as a great way to easily build high-quality landing pages, but now they’ve become the perfect tool for every business in so many ways!

No matter what your business is or how long you’ve been online, LeadPages will take your opportunities to another level!

Drip is my top choice for email marketing.

I hopped around several different email marketing services and have found Drip to be my absolute favorite by far. The tools and features they have makes email marketing and managing your email list so easy while having a very advanced feature, workflow, and easy GDPR implementation! And all that means a lot when you have so many other things to worry about with your business! That’s why I love Drip and why I don’t think I’ll never switch.

It’s easy to get started with Drip. You can start with a completely free account and only pay as you grow!

Fiverrfiverr logo

Being a solo entrepreneur, or as some like to refer to as “solopreneur,” I simply can’t do everything myself but as you likely already know, when you have an online business, there are endless amounts of things you need to get done. If you don’t already know how to do them, you simply either have to invest your time into learning or pay someone to do it for you. But your time is valuable… and that’s why Fiverr is so brilliant.

You can find very talented freelancers on Fiverr who are willing to create videos, logos, transcribe text, create backlinks, and just about any other service you could possibly need starting at only $5! It’s brilliant.

Quick tip: Of course like any service you look for on the internet, you may run into some less than mediocre people who provide them. Make sure to spend a few extra minutes reading reviews of the gig you are considering to make a good decision.


BookBossbook boss logo

BookBoss is the perfect course to show you quickly and effectively how to create amazing eBooks that you can start to generate a profit from. This has been a great course to really help me organize my content and create eBooks without paying someone loads of money to do it for me. The best part is, this course is only $297!

SEO Tools

SEMRush logoIf you have studied SEO at all, you know by now that there are ridiculous amounts of products out there to help you with ranking, tracking, research, keyword research, competition analysis, and on and on. There’s a lot!

That’s why I love SEMRush and really the only thing I use now. It comes with everything you need! It can be a bit pricy but considering what you’d spend elsewhere to get tools to do everything SEMRush can, you’ll realize this is likely the best investment you’ll make if you’re into SEO and want to grow your site and organic traffic. And if you are, you’ll know how valuable this software is!

Other Tools

Gravity Forms is really the ultimate form option for your WordPress site(s). It does it all, and it does it well. It can be a basic contact form, or an advanced, multi-page form with options to save the form, collect signatures, integrate with your email marketing, and so much more!

I’ve tried so many contact forms over the years and Gravity Forms out performs them all. Since trying, I’ve never used anything else.


bluehost logoBlueHost

Alternatively, I do recommend BlueHost as well. Not everyone needs the added support I provide and if you are simply running low maintenance landing pages or affiliate sites, BlueHost can be a great value. Especially when they are running specials! Which is why I use them for that very reason from time to time! 🙂

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