In this video, Dave installs the Naut CSS theme on a subreddit. Naut is one of the most widely used subreddit themes and is our personal favorite. Out of the box it provides a significant improvement over the default reddit design. Customizing the Naut theme is discussed in Part 2.

Why Customize a Subreddit Design

Customizing a subreddit design shows community members that you care about the subreddit. When they see that you care, they are more likely to care as well, which results in higher quality content and discussions.

If you are a brand, it important that your subreddit has the same look and feel as your other web properties. A customized subreddit design reinforces your brand and makes the subreddit look more official.

Installing Naut

Go to /r/Naut and look for the “Get Naut” button in the sidebar. That will take you to a GitHub page where the Naut code is stored. A “README” field will be displayed that has instructions on how to install Naut on your subreddit. Follow the instructions or watch the video above for a step-by-step walkthrough.

In Part 2, Dave extends the Naut theme using add-ons.

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