Whataburger is a fast food burger chain that originated in Texas but has spread throughout the country with over 700 restaurants. In this article we show how a major corporation with a general target audience can find marketing opportunities on reddit.

Subreddits related to Whataburger:

Here is a list of subreddits that Whataburger should be monitoring and potentially engaging to build brand awareness and attract new customers.

These 7 subreddits have over 125k combined subscribers. These communities contain people who are interested in fast food burgers and specifically Whataburger.

Mentions of Whataburger on reddit

Whataburger is being discussed by redditors almost every day. A quick search of Whataburger on reddit will retrieve a list of mentions. These mentions are opportunities to directly contribute to discussions about Whataburger.

Here are three examples of reddit posts that Whataburger should be monitoring and possibly responding to:




Reddit Marketing Recommendations for Whataburger

We recommend Whataburger take the following actions to explore marketing opportunities on reddit:

1. Monitor reddit for mentions of Whataburger and related keywords. Utilize Karmalytics.co to track keywords related to the Whataburger brand. Tracking the keywords will help Whataburger identify opportunities to engage redditors and contribute value to the community.

2. Send coupons to people who mention Whataburger on reddit. If a redditor shares a positive experience with Whataburger, a coupon could be awarded via private message to the user. Whataburger can also send coupons to people who make complaints on reddit to rectify the issue.

3. Re-design the Whataburger subreddit community. Contact the moderators of /r/Whataburger and offer to provide an upgraded design. A better design will attract more subscribers and better represent the Whataburger brand.

4. Make relevant announcements in the Whataburger subreddit. Press releases and newsworthy articles should be shared as official announcements in /r/Whataburger. We recommend submitting these as text posts.

5. Conduct experimental advertising. Create custom reddit ads for the subreddits listed above. Run the ads with an experimental budget to test effectiveness. General advertising campaigns can also be ran on the frontpage of reddit (see Charmin Uses reddit Ads to Drive Firehouse Toilet Paper Campaign).

6. Top level employees at Whataburger should hold AMAs or feedback sessions in various subreddits. An AMA is a great way to generate feedback and awareness for your brand.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Even non-tech companies can find marketing opportunities on reddit. Whataburger is a large corporation with hundreds of locations. They should be monitoring reddit for mentions of their brand and engage the community when opportunities present themselves. Whataburger can also make efforts to develop the /r/Whataburger subreddit to breed loyal fans and brand advocates.

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