To help business find great advertising opportunities on Reddit, we made a list of large and active communities that have available ad inventory.

The following lists feature subreddits with at least 100,000 subscribers and less than four ads currently being run (so you should be able to buy ad space). We also narrowed down the list by only including the subreddits that would be receptive to advertising from businesses related to their community.

Below are the featured subreddits that we think are especially excited about. Further down, you’ll find the full list of subreddits.

Featured Subreddits with Available Ad Inventory


BuyItForLife is a community dedicated to products that last. Opportunities to advertise could be companies that make high-quality, long-lasting products or brands that specialize in antiques or older products.


ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney is another community dedicated to products and filled with users that like to buy. Any of the products that have been mentioned in the subreddit could be advertised by their makers. Also, makers of high-quality products that appeal to the demographics of the community could advertise here.


Christianity is a huge business. There must be a brand out there that could benefit from advertising to this community. Ideally, the brand would not be tied to a specific denomination as the subreddit contains a diverse group of Christians.


The demographics of this subreddit are basically redditors that are drunk or like to drink. The opportunities are endless here.


Any brand that targets men is a possibility for this sub. A good advertising campaign would be to create highly-value content that teaches men how to do something and associate it with a product.


Top posts in this subreddit feature computers, video games, comics, and other various geek-related products. The best ad opportunities in this subreddit would be for the companies and products that the community talks about on a regular basis.

/r/HowTo and /r/IWantToLearn

Companies like or could do great in these subreddits if they offered a discount and high-value engagement. Also, there are a number of books and resources about “learning how to learn” which could do well in these communities.


Online brokerage firms could do well in this subreddit. Vanguard is one company that the community particularly loves.


There are two big apps in the meditation space that could advertise here – HeadSpace and Calm.

The Full List

This is the full list of subreddits that we identified as having available ad inventory and potentially profitable for the right brands. Scan the list and explore the communities that could be a good fit for you or a client.


Want to advertise on Reddit?

A good Reddit ad comes from a brand that understands the community they are advertising to and how to contribute value to them. Redditors do not respond well to traditional advertising headlines and value-less copy. Reddit ads are just like regular submissions, except you have some leeway to promote yourself.

For more information, read our guide to self-serve Reddit advertising to get the most from your advertising budget.


Reddit advertising is a great option for brands that solve problems for one or more of the communities on Reddit. Due to Reddit’s current self-serve system, ad inventory can be hard to find. We compiled a list of Reddit advertising opportunities and featured the opportunities that we are especially excited about.

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