Podcast listeners and redditors have a lot in common. They are both more tech savvy then the average internet user, more active in their consumption of content, and they are both use technology that makes it easier for great content to become popular outside of traditional media. Because of these similarities, we were not surprised to find that redditors listen to podcasts and create subreddits that are dedicated to their favorite podcasts.

This post details how we crowdsourced a list of over 60 subreddits dedicated to podcasts and why podcasters should proactively create a subreddit for their podcast.

Crowdsourcing a list of podcast subreddits

With thousands of podcasts and subreddits in existence, coming up with a list of podcast subreddits is not a simple task. Based on our own podcast subscriptions and knowledge of reddit, we were able to come up with a list of 35-40 podcast subreddits. It was important to create this starter list because it gets the ball rolling and encourages other redditors to contribute. We then went to the /r/Podcasts subreddit to crowdsource more subreddits. Here is our post:


This post and a similar post to /r/FindAReddit resulted in over 20 additional podcast subreddits that we could add to the list. Here is the most recent version of the list:

Start a subreddit for your podcast

There are over 60 subreddits dedicated to podcasts and that number will continue to grow as both podcasts and reddit become more popular. We see this as a perfect opportunity for podcasters to embrace reddit and create a subreddit for their podcast listeners. Reddit is the perfect platform because it is free, will help podcasters reach out to the reddit audience, and is a great platform for sharing and discussing content.

If you need help starting your subreddit, read How to launch a subreddit as an online discussion forum.

Also, check out The Podcaster’s Guide to reddit for more tips on how to utilize reddit as a podcaster, even if you are completely new to the reddit.

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