Ryan Morrison is a video game attorney (yes, it’s a thing) who has had two huge Reddit AMAs in the /r/IAmA subreddit (see here and here). Each AMA made the frontpage of Reddit, generated thousands of views to his website, and ultimately took his law practice to the next level.

But how did he get there? Let’s take a closer look at how Ryan was able to produce amazing results from his AMAs.

How a Video Game Attorney Became a Reddit AMA Pro

1. Ryan spent time learning Reddit and becoming a member of targeted subreddits before he ever did an AMA. Taking the time to become an authentic member of any community will leverage your ability to start conversations and attract attention in the future. This also gives you time to learn the rules of Reddit and become comfortable with the platform.

In an interview we did with Ryan, he said:

“I was a redditor before the idea of doing an AMA even crossed my mind… When I realized my career intersected with a lot of users’ interests, I realized hosting an AMA would both help my article get read, and entertain some readers that day.”

2. Quality AMAs are held by candidates who can provide significant value to a Reddit community. Ryan is a practicing attorney with a special expertise in the gaming industry, so it was a no-brainer for him to hold AMAs in the “GameDev” subreddit, a community for game developers. He did over 20 AMAs in /r/GameDev, spending numerous hours offering free advice that would cost a paying client thousands of dollars. This work established his reputation and built credibility with redditors.

Later he went on to do the two AMAs in the /r/IAmA subreddit, the most popular subreddit dedicated to AMAs. For these AMAs, Ryan mentioned that he has spent time in the /r/GameDev community to show redditors that he is a true redditor.


Ryan mentions his time spent in /r/GameDev, establishing credibility with redditors.

3. During all of Ryan’s AMAs, he provided quality answers. He’s not hiding behind disclaimers or pointing people to a website for more information. He gives people honest and direct answers that take time to write.


One example of a detailed response Ryan gives during an AMA.


A successful AMA can provide multiple benefits for your business. Take it from Ryan Morrison, the “Video Game Attorney”:

“I’m now near the top of Google for most related search results, I’ve learned what my clients want (and why they were afraid to contact an attorney in most cases), and I’ve been better able to focus my niche practice in a way that is mutually beneficial for myself and my clients.”

If you want to have a successful AMA, follow Ryan’s path. Be an expert, build your reputation in a niche subreddit, and provide quality answers that show redditors you care.

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