Before I tell you more about Website Badges and why you might want to use them, below are three versions I created for The Better Web Movement.

These are examples of how you might be able to utilize badges for your own business or website!

Please send me a message and let me know if you are amazing enough to place one of my badges on your own site! I would be incredible humbled and would absolutely want to thank you. Simply copy and paste the code under the badge you would like to display onto your own site!

The Better Web Movement Website Badges

Pick a color and simply copy and paste the code on your website to display that you’re part of the Better Web Movement!

Part of the Better Web Movement

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”I’m part of the Better Web Movement”></a>

Part of the Better Web Movement

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”I’m part of the Better Web Movement”></a>

Part of the Better Web Movement

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”I’m part of the Better Web Movement”></a>

What are Website Badges and Buttons?

You, like many, have likely seen websites displaying various types of website badges.

The most commonly used badge is one that shows users that the website is secure (ex. Sitelock), abides by certain standards (ex. W3C) or a part of a certain organization (ex. BBB) or accreditations (more common for local businesses).

Another common form of badges, that are not as common as they used to be, are awards. Some websites still do this and could be something you might could consider if you were in the right niche. Be creative! 🙂

Should I create a Badge for my site?

Website badges have a very broad use and is very often an over-looked marketing strategy to boost your SEO and drive extra traffic to your site.

And since creating a badge for your site can boost your SEO AND drive extra traffic to your site, the short answer is, “YES!” You should absolutely create a badge for your site.

Creating a badge is not exactly easy unless you have proficient design and photoshop skills.

If you aren’t adept at graphic design, there are plenty who are that would love to help you.

Simply head over to Fiverr and find someone with great feedback and a decent turnaround time and you can have an amazing looking badge in a matter of days (sometimes hours if you find the right person).

You’ll want to make sure you have a well designed badge since it will be displayed by others. Your badge will be similar to your logo. It will increase your brand recognition, and if it looks great, will automatically boost your credibility and entice people to click on your badge and visit your site.

What kind of badge should I create?

Creating a badge (or several badges) will require a bit of thought and creativity.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you guestpost on other blogs or forums? It may be possible to include a badge that recognizes your contribution and links to your site.
  • Are any businesses contributing to any promotions that you are doing? Perhaps they would proudly display your badge on their site to show others that they are involved in your promotion.
  • Are you hosting an event? Offer a badge to the people attending to post on their site and social accounts to let others know they will be attending.
  • Are you an expert or authority in your niche? Offer badges as rewards for others in your niche that may win “Best of…” contests.
  • Do you provide a service? Create a badge for your clients to display that they are proud of the work you’ve done for them. You’ll see examples of this in every neighborhood where yards display service signs from yard work or construction professionals. If you’re a webdesigner, consider offering your clients a badge to you instead of the common footer link that everyone else already does.

There are plenty of creative ways to come up with badge ideas. Use your imagination and give it a shot!

People love a reason to display their affiliations or endorsements. When they do, it results in referral traffic from their website to yours, which boosts your sites SEO power.

Having your own badge for other people to place on their site offers a way to show their affiliation or endorsement to your brand. For you, it results in referral traffic directed from their website to yours.

In the never-ending game of trying to generate traffic to your site, there are countless ways to try to find success. This is just one of the many, but it’s also a fun and creative option.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Perhaps I’ll create a badge for the winner of the best badge. 🙂

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