There are websites that allow you to buy Reddit upvotes to anyone that wants to increase the exposure of their content on Reddit. For a fee, these sites promise to upvote your content on Reddit using their network of Reddit accounts. Here is why you should never buy Reddit upvotes.

It is unethical

Reddit is a collection of communities that provide a space for content to be shared and promoted. These communities function best when quality and value determine which content is upvoted. By purchasing upvotes, you are compromising the system. This is why buying upvotes is unethical and why Reddit created a rule against vote manipulation.

If you are looking for more practical reasons not to buy upvotes, read on. Otherwise, you can start marketing on Reddit the right way by reading our Beginner’s Guide.

There are no shortcuts with Reddit

Purchasing upvotes will not produce meaningful results. An upvote scheme will increase the visibility of your Reddit post, but the engagement will be lower than a post that is authentically upvoted by the community. In other words, fake upvotes are not going to make the content you are promoting more valuable. Creating valuable content takes time and will generate upvotes on its own merit.

It probably won’t work or you’ll get banned

Reddit has a system that is constantly identifying Reddit accounts that upvote each other. The system will initially cancel out votes if it thinks they are part of an upvote scheme. Eventually, these accounts are shadow-banned from Reddit so that their actions have no effect on the website. If your account becomes associated with a upvote scheme, your username could be banned site-wide.

Be honest and contribute value

The people that sell upvotes are taking advantage of businesses by promising easy results that even if delivered, will not give you what you are really looking for (true engagement). If you want a Reddit marketing strategy that works long-term, it starts with being honest and contributing valuable content. A long-term approach to Reddit will yield real engagement that money cannot buy.

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