Is advertising useful? Of course, yes. Through it, you can grow your company and consolidate your brand. The point is that advertising online, for example, with a banner, is expensive. Throughout this article, I will discuss different strategies to get the most out of online advertising without a large budget.

4-Step Guide to Inexpensive Online Advertising for Beginners

1. First things first: Have a website or a Shopify page

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If you intend to create a severe business and take advantage of online sales, you must have a landing page or a website, at minimum. For a long time, people have turned to the internet to find the solution to their needs or problems; in this sense, if you manage to be visible among their first search results, your business will likely grow a lot.

With a web page, you will publicize your company, its mission, vision, and values. Also, you have the opportunity to add testimonials from satisfied customers. The testimonials part is essential as it generates connection and identification with potential clients. Also, when people read your values ​​and mission, the relationship grows stronger. All of this can influence their purchasing decision.

To have a website, you do not need to invest all your fortune. Instead, there are places where you can do it primarily and functionally without putting your finances in danger. Some of the sites where you can create your website are Shopify, WordPress, and GoDaddy, among others.

2. Make search engines find your site

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If you want customers to find you and know about you, you have to make yourself known. In this sense, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, or Google Places are free. Therefore, if you register on these websites, you can increase the chances of being found by those close to you.

No doubt, this is not the only way to get noticed; you can also join social media groups or local forums related to your business. A good option is to join Facebook groups, where, for example, their members help each other find services or products near the area where they live. In these groups, the members recommend the businesses or services they have tried and worked for them.

3. Create and upload valuable content

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In the world of the internet, it is necessary to upload engaging content that adds value and solves the needs of your potential clients; the objective is to capture their attention so that they keep visiting your page. Once you have written valuable content, you can publish it on your platforms.

Of course, do not forget that in any social network you are inclined to publish, you must add a link to your website since you can find different types of followers in each network. That way, you can control the number of people who go to your website and which social network they used. With this, you can plan a good marketing strategy.

4. Create Viral Images

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It is famous that images stay longer in people’s minds; that is why you should consider creating images that add value and turn out to be a good attraction for your clients. For example, you can transform the articles you have uploaded into interesting and good images.

And of course, some platforms allow you to create these images without having to be a designer. Some venues are Canva, Visually, Infogram, and Piktochart, among others. These sites are simple to use; you need to have the content you want to upload since the platforms have templates to put graphics, maps, and videos, among many other things.

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