Even if you are not the biggest Apple fan or tend to avoid the company’s products, you should still be aware of their success. Someone you know must have an iPhone or a MacBook. The question is, where does this popularity come from?

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Are Apple’s devices superior to those of their competition? Or maybe it has something to do with their marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at why Apple is so good at promoting itself. If you have a business or plan to start one yourself, you may learn a thing or two from this article.


You may think that to reach a consumer and attract them, a business must invest in flashy promotional campaigns, involve celebrities, emphasize competitive prices, or create ridiculously-sounding ad copies. However, Apple takes a different approach. They focus on simplicity.

Take a look at some of Apple’s marketing campaigns. Is there anything that stands out? Not really. You will not find pricing or feature lists – the two things that appear to be a staple in other marketing campaigns. 

Simplicity and minimalism are the things that drive sales and bring great marketing results.  The company’s logo is another great example. An apple, missing a small chunk. Simple, right? But recognizable worldwide.


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The company’s founder Steve Jobs had to face multiple challenges in the early days. However, he managed to overcome these challenges thanks to innovation and took his company to great heights.

People can relate to an underdog’s story, and they love to be someone who can contribute to success.

Add the fact that Apple has loyal employees who carry badges that remind them of the company’s core values, and you have a recipe for success.

Right Language

The language Apple uses in their marketing is another thing other companies could learn from. Companies that manufacture modern devices should use difficult jargon because there are so many words and phrases connected to technology, right?

Well, that is not necessarily the case with Apple. They understand their demographics and know that including difficult-to-grasp phrases and technical jargon will not get them far. Instead, the marketing team aims to create a bond between the company and consumers by using simple language that is easy to understand. 

Of course, Apple spent years polishing this aspect. It is not easy to figure out how the targeted demographic thinks, speaks, or acts. However, it is clear that simple words have a significant effect. 

Product Quality

It is worth pointing out that these marketing efforts would be a waste was they not for the actual product quality. Be it iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks, most people who purchase these devices love them and become loyal to the brand.

Let’s say that after a while, your Mac starts running slower than usual. The issue can be solved by taking the MacBook to Genius Bar or by having a quick look online. The consistency of macOS is also another aspect where Apple excels as a manufacturer and developer.

New features, security upgrades, and overall device improvements make everything Apple even more popular.


Image of Steve Jobs bio

The mystery surrounding Apple, and Steve Jobs, in particular, is not something that most brands can achieve, but it would be an understatement to suggest that the death of the company’s founder had an impact.

Another interesting strategy Apple has is its approach to releasing new products. There is a certain buildup since the company withholds information and teases upcoming releases. The buzz builds expectations and turns potential buyers into fans.

Lastly, there were a few instances when Apple leaked some information “accidentally” to get more people talking about what is next for the company.


Whether it is writers, graphic designers, students, musicians, or other demographics, you are bound to find some Apple fans among them.  According to Nielsen, more than 90 percent of consumers read customer reviews to decide whether they should purchase a product. 

Apple managed to create a tight community that continues to be active in leaving positive feedback on various company products. 

If a random person was to spend time researching the market for available computers, the odds are that they would get one with the highest number of praising reviews. And this is exactly what Apple lovers do – they bolster conversions by leaving testimonials, reviews, and social proof on the internet.

Product Placement

Image of Apple phone and glasses

Product placement is tricky because you would need to invest a lot of money to have someone like Hollywood accept the proposal and place products in movies or TV shows.

Well, for Apple, this is not a problem because the company slowly crept to the top and now reached a point where it can reap the benefits of proper product placement.

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