There are a lot of tasks that you can do with your iPhone such as managing your time. Time management is a skill that every employee needs to develop. The amount of time spent at work should be proportional to the output or benefit brought into the company. A lot of employees fail to manage their time due to a variety of distractions that come their way. 

Remote workers might face distractions at a different angle compared to traditional workers. However, both might experience an overwhelming influx of telephone calls and emails including iPhone notifications. A variety of time management applications can help you manage your time effectively.


  • Everhour

Everhour helps you manage your time by allowing you to create broken-down tasks. Different teams use it for creating tasks for a variety of projects. It can be used as an organization and time-tracking application. You just need to add it to your browser and enjoy real-time task tracking right on your desktop. The application allows integration with a variety of calendar and project collaboration software.  The tool has a resource planning feature that allows you to monitor the resources allocated to your team. Its expense tracking feature allows you to keep accurate records of your team’s expenditures against time spent at work. 

There are many types of applications that you can use on your iPhone to help you manage your time. For the best experience, it would be better to install all the applications discussed here and then remove those that you don’t want to use. This way, you will allow yourself to familiarize yourself with every application. You may have challenges with iPhone storage. Your solution could be to use iCloud storage on Apple. If your iCloud storage is limited, you can go to iCloud storage options and clear some data from there. 

  • Time Tree

Time Tree offers you a friendly UI and broad-based features. The tool has many uses including planning events or making schedules. It allows you to boost collaboration by sharing data with other users. It is possible to customize its settings so that authorized users can share their views and give feedback. Furthermore, you can use it to plan every one of your tasks in one application. 

  • Todoist 

Every working day poses different challenges and things to do. Because every issue is different, you may find that you need to give some tasks more time or attention than others. Todoist helps you remember everything by letting you add all of your tasks and label them as done. It is practical to manage a successful small business with the help of this application. It allows you to see the amount of time you will need for each task.

  • Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a helpful tool for people who have deadlines to meet. It not only makes keeping track of your tasks easier, but it also sets deadlines for them. With the help of this software, you may break down enormous projects into smaller, more achievable chores that can be finished one day at a time. 

To make sure that no one is left behind and that everyone meets deadlines, it also functions as a collaboration tool. The tool allows you to generate a simplified report in case you need to see each member’s comprehensive track record. It can be useful when you need to view any project challenges and bottlenecks. 

  • Clear 

Clear is another time management application with excellent to-do list creation functionalities. After creating your lists, you can then use them to group them based on deadlines and complexity. 

To show the differences and for quick tracking, it has features such as tagging and color allocation. It is excellent in eliminating work distractions by limiting apps that you can access or the sites you can open. It is one of the tools useful when you need to invest more for startup success

Time management

  • Workflow

Automation of your projects can help increase the outcomes of your workflows. One of the applications you may consider for automation is Workflow. It is a popular app for email automation and syncing calendars. 

When you automate, your team spends more time on tasks that bring more profits and customers to your business. You can use it to share tasks or redistribute them when necessary to free up more time and meet deadlines. 

  • Timetag

Working with precise project objectives and attainable deadlines is essential. Timetag is an adaptable tool that assists you in setting objectives and allocating deadlines or personnel to complete them. 

You may occasionally create a perspective of the relationship between project success and time input with this tool. The software can deliver notifications or sounds to remind your employees to speed up or raise their work pace so that nobody forgets the deadline. 


Time management issues and procrastination are two problems that many iPhone users face. Numerous internet tools are available to assist you in improving your time management. Every tool has advantages and various applications. They allow you to collaborate better or enhance your communication. With the tool, you ensure you work on priorities and create goals broken into manageable chunks. 

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