Publishing authoritative content with 100% uniqueness is sometimes challenging. You have to be wary of the words you’re using when writing an article. Readers want to learn new things from different resources. If a reader is in search of an answer, he will get help from multiple web pages and get ideas from different people.

But what if they are getting the same lines from multiple sources. They will indeed dislike the page and leave it very soon. This factor is also counted in SEO. If you are providing duplicated text or writing originals, makes a difference for your SEO. Google also ranks such more informative, unique content higher.

The flip side of plagiarism

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Some writers use copied data in content to increase the workflow and upload more on their respective websites. But they forget that using copied content in an article can harm the website’s reputation and decrease the traffic of the website.

To escape this aspect and make the text unique, you must get help from a free plagiarism checker that can detect the copied data in the article. These tools scan the entire documents and highlight the copied lines with resources so users can check where the materials were taken from.

Is it essential to write unique texts to better SEO?

SEO helps to get rankings on search engines and get the attention of more people. For it, you have to follow numerous rules, and unique content is one of them. Writers have to write an exclusive text that can provide users with more information.

Also, it leaves a positive impact on the search engine, and in turn, the website ends up getting more visitors.

Tips for writing plagiarism free content

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Here we will give you some tips that can help you write unique content and get better ratings on SERP. These tips can be valuable and help you grab more readers easily.

Proper research on the topic

Before writing on a topic, the writers need to do proper research and collect information from multiple sources. Search for the related topics on the search engine and read the thoughts of other people.

This can help the writer generate different ideas on a single topic. Take your time to get information from other articles. You must have an idea of what other authors think about that topic so you can add relevant information to your content. Pen down important lines from all topics and jot them down in your own way.

Use your own words

Once you have noted the main points of the topic and got information from other sources, start to write them in your words. Add your thoughts and opinions to the content, as it will help get more traffic. Readers will have insight into new ideas by using them on your site.

This can help remove plagiarism and make the SEO better. Use unique words and ideas that are fresh and interesting to the readers. This is the most effective tactic to get the attention of readers.

Use plagiarism checkers before publishing content

While writing content, try to escape duplication and write in your unique style. But there are still chances of plagiarism in the content. It doesn’t really matter if the thoughts are entirely your own; plagiarism can still happen by accident.

The combined use of a paraphrasing tool and grammar checker ensures the creation of plagiarism-free content that significantly improves SEO. The paraphrasing tool helps to rephrase and reword text, while the grammar checker ensures that the content is free from any duplicate material, enhancing search engine rankings and attracting more organic traffic.

Sometimes, you add lines that are common and appear in almost any piece of text. This, too, can be counted as plagiarism, and Google will de-rank the content instantly. To avoid plagiarism in the content and make it unique, users must get help from online plagiarism detectors.

These online tools match every line on the search engine and highlight the duplicated text so users can remove them and make the writing exclusive and unique to your page.

Cite the sources

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While writing the content, you may add some quotations in the article. Here you are using the ideas of other people in your writing. So, don’t forget to credit the author whose words you are using. Cite the source from where the data is taken.

Getting the proper details from the original source can help the readers and allow them to visit that page when needed. Google crawler also leaves the quoted lines alone as you are providing information directly from the source.


The last and most important step to make the content fully optimized is to proofread the text before publishing it. If a writer starts to publish the content without reading it, there are chances that he will upload the content with mistakes in it.

Although you have written the article with full focus and added unique ideas to it, there may still be a mistake in the content that can be removed after proofreading. It also helps to increase the fluency of the text so readers can’t be distracted while reading.

The bottom line

Writing long paragraphs in the articles that are taken from other sources is never appreciated by search engines. You are going to take the time of readers, so try to give them authentic information and value their time.

Some writers take information from other sources and publish it in their content without giving credit. This is prohibited by Google, and you may get penalized while doing this. So, it is necessary to write only unique text to improve SEO.

The tips discussed in this article can be beneficial and help you write exclusive content, which in turn improves your SEO and leaves the readers satisfied.

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