Email is slowly becoming one of the most used ways to communicate with other people. Moreover, having a custom email marketing campaign is a great way to reach out to many people worldwide when promoting a product or service. Additionally, utilizing one of the most preferred ways to communicate is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to a larger audience.

Email marketing services, as they are, offer businesses a professional and friendly way to stay in touch with clients and promote new offers and deals to them. In business, especially eCommerce, maintaining a certain level of communication with customers and clients helps grow the business and expand the brand.

What Is a Custom Email Marketing Campaign?

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Email marketing, at its core, helps companies and brands reach out and stay in touch with old, current, and potential clients. They are used to inform the other person about any special deals, offers, or promotions. As email is one of the most used ways of communicating, many companies find it highly efficient in attracting new customers.

However, unlike social media marketing campaigns that are popular nowadays, email marketing allows you to create a more sensible and personal connection with the client. In addition, one can say that writing a proper, promoting email is a form of art itself. A properly conducted email campaign can help exponentially increase your client base.

Many emails can come off a bit spam-like and over the top. That is why, when opting for such a way to promote your services, brand, or product, you have to make sure that the email you write does not come off as too invading.

What Types of Marketing Emails Exist?

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There are two main ways we can separate custom email marketing campaigns. They can be either promotional or informational. Apart from other tactics to fuel your brand growth, these two ways of writing emails can significantly increase the chances of your brand expanding and reaching out to more people.

Depending on your ultimate goal, you should choose the proper way to communicate with your clients.

Promotional Email Marketing

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Promotional emails help a brand communicate special offers, promotions, or deals to their existing customers. A proper drip campaign should have 3 to 10 emails sent in the span of a couple of days or a week. This type of marketing should be done in the rhythm of your business. Meaning that you should only do it when you feel you have the needs and ways to do it.

Additionally, each promotional email should always contain a CTA (Call to Action) button to help the client access the website easier. Moreover, if you are offering a special deal, you can interpret the CTA button that leads to that special deal.

Informational Email Marketing

These types of emails are also known as newsletters. They allow the customer or client to subscribe to informational emails over a certain period of time. In most cases, informational emails are sent on a monthly basis. However, one can also send them on a weekly or two-week basis.

If so, the emails should contain all the information regarding your brand and what news you have to share. This form of emailing helps customers learn about changes in service, new announcements or releases, etc.

Benefits of a Custom Email Marketing Campaign

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As we were saying, sending properly written emails to your existing or potential clients is a great way to expand your brand. Additionally, an email is used to confirm the registration on a website, confirm an order, provide useful information about the product or offer and let people know what is new in your company or array of offers.

Aside from that, some of the most beneficial aspects of this form of communicating with your clients are:

Spreading Awareness of Your Brand

The more people know about your brand and what you do, the higher your customer list is going to be. Emails, in particular, are a great way to create a friendly relationship with your clients. Unlike social media marketing, where you target larger audiences, a custom email marketing campaign allows you to personalize messages for your clients.

This means that clients are more likely to open the email and consider what you have to offer.

Easier Time Selling Your Products or Services

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Launching a promotion or a special deal is best done when customers are notified about it as soon as possible. In addition, notifying your customers about your offers can highly increase sales revenues. Plus, your customers will, at a certain point, get used to emails about promotions and even wait for them.

A Loyal Customer Is the Best Customer

Properly written emails can help you ensure that your customers or consumers are loyal to you. Especially when you constantly offer them new deals and promotions. Of course, atop of that, your eCommerce store and business need to have some other basic elements to attract customers.

A well-developed communication between your brand and a client will leave the client waiting for the newsletter each month or week.

Tips on How to Improve Your Email Campaign

The campaign you condone will determine how well you sell your products or services. In addition, properly managing your email campaign will also help you find new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. First and foremost, make sure your emails are friendly and personal but don’t go too far. Being overly personal with a client might repel them from your business.

The subject of an email will determine whether or not the customer opens an email. So, make sure that the subject is concise and on to the point. Another great way to ensure your campaign is working is to time your emails. This means that you should always strive to send them when there is most activity happening online. For that, you will have to gather more data and find when the perfect time is.

Finally, as many people are using email on their phones – make sure your emails are phone friendly.

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