Consumers, nowadays, are very careful regarding brands they buy from. To get a person to buy from you, you have to establish trust. And to establish trust, your brand image has to be spotless.

According to a Nielson survey, almost 60% of customers choose to buy new products from brands familiar to them. Let’s take a look at some methods that will help you build a strong brand image and boost your chances of standing out and winning more customers.

But first, know your audience

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The first step is to determine who you are trying to reach. Customers, partners, industry analysts, and workers will be among your target audiences, which will be a mix of external and internal groups.

When defining your audience, it’s critical to be as exact as possible. To design an effective marketing strategy that speaks directly to their particular needs and problems, you need clarity about the groups you’re targeting.

To figure out who your ideal audience is and what they are like, you should use consumer insights. The best way to do this is to invest in an insight community. Companies employ an insight community to find agile, actionable, first-party data from the right people at the right time.

Moreover, customers who have been well profiled are very interested in both the activities and the results of their feedback.

Continuous, real-time customer input helps you make better strategic decisions, confirm your brand and marketing goals, and offer new services and products that your customers demand.

Be present on social media

Did you know that most consumers often use social media networks to make the decision to buy? To be more precise, almost 74% of them.

That’s why you absolutely have to be present and very engaging on your social media pages. This can be done only if you craft relevant and unique content that engages your audience. It should not only be interesting but also useful.

If you need results and you need them fast, you should consider investing in paid ads. Running a paid ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram is always a good idea if you want to drive more traffic and help your sales efforts.

Furthermore, pay special attention to TikTok. TikTok is a real hit among the younger generations, and that should be seen as a chance to capture the attention of people that will be the main consumer body of tomorrow.

Take good care of your TikTok account and do your best to build TikTok followers that will be there for your brand. If this sounds too difficult to do on your own, do not refrain from hiring an agency to help you out. Every brand should have a consistent presence across all social media platforms by posting relevant, high-quality content.

The goal of social media for consumers is to develop trust first. Only then can you promote your company’s products and services.

Develop your brand personality

Create an archetype or personality for your brand to make it more personable. Colors, font, artwork, and tone of voice can all be used to express what your brand is. You may develop a pattern of thoughts or a method of thinking to help influence decisions surrounding your brand by knowing your brand archetype.

Characters in a story, such as a hero, wizard, or outlaw, are frequently associated with brand archetypes. Nike, for example, portrays the hero archetype in their advertising by featuring athletes who encourage us to be our bravest, strongest selves. Try to do something similar with your own brand.

Paid ads and SEO

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Paid advertising allows you to raise brand awareness among your target audience on channels they trust. A clever paid marketing campaign can target specific audience segments and affect purchasing decisions directly. The best part about paid ads is that you can launch an ad campaign, run it, and see the results quickly.

Furthermore, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy for increasing your company’s visibility on popular search engines like Google. You’ll need to rank high for specific keywords and key phrases to increase traffic to your company’s website and other digital assets if you want to make an impression with critical audiences. Use these methods wisely to establish a strong brand image.

Prioritize consistency

Remember to be consistent as you continue to develop your brand image. By building client trust, a consistent brand can affect your ROI. Inconsistent branding can cause confusion and damage your brand’s reputation. So, once you develop a certain brand image, stick to it even if you don’t see the desired results right away.

Furthermore, maintaining brand consistency might result in new client leads and conversions. Remember, if you want people to buy into your brand image, you have to be your brand wherever you are, so be consistent across all channels.

Final thoughts

Identifying your key audience, determining your goals, and defining your brand persona are the cornerstones of a strong brand image.

Once you have taken care of that, develop your key messaging and push them across your channels. Of course, you can also invest in paid and organic marketing methods to promote your campaigns. Last but not least, you need to maintain consistency. Nothing great ever happened over the course of one night.

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