There is a significant correlation between design and marketing. This relationship can contribute to the growth and development of your company. Marketers are the ones who can formulate the image of the brand, while designers can bring the brand to life. Some might say that marketers need designers and vice versa.

The difference between the two teams is that marketers have a more precise understanding of the goals that need to be achieved and what information should be delivered to the consumers. Meanwhile, designers are more concerned with product design, how the consumer uses the content, and the challenges that may come with it.

They can collaborate and complete the same goal but with the use of different tools. Marketers think of the content and information that can appeal to consumers. At the same time, designers express the content in a way that attracts and charm the audience. Here are some of the more specific ways design and marketing work together for business success.

Marketing and client meetings

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To formulate and establish the most effective marketing strategy, marketers and designers should know and understand what their goals are as a team. That is, these experts are usually present during marketing meetings. In this way, they can share the vision and correlate the accurate ideas and information needed.

These two teams are required to conceptualize and execute the best end products that can reach the target audience and deliver the brand’s message. During these meetings, a target audience is established. This makes it easier for designers to formulate the appropriate design elements to attract the target consumers’ attention.

Specific fonts, colors, and illustrations are needed to effectively present the message that the marketing team wants to communicate to the audience. Marketers and designers must work together to finalize the concepts and plans for the content. Ideas and concepts still need to be approved by the marketing team for the designers to push through with their work

. Changes in content should also be properly communicated between the two teams so that no work will be wasted. The final project will be a success. Marketers will also offer different ideas with the use of text or visual references so that the design team can accurately express what the marketers want to deliver to the audience.

Connecting the brand and the consumers

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The marketer serves as the bridge that connects the audience and the brand. Being in a large and competitive market, brands and companies struggle to establish a presence in the industry through their overall image and reputation. To increase their presence, marketers can seek the expertise of designers to help them create banners, custom yard signs, or billboards.

The knowledge that these experts can impart can help a company stand out and be distinguishable from the competition. The task of establishing the identity and overall look of a brand is assigned to the designers. Finding the perfect color scheme and logo can carry the brand to success. Most influential and popular brands are known for these aspects.

Big companies, such as Nike or Coca-Cola, are known for their logos and design. Hence, people from all over the world recognize their products immediately. At the end of the day, this familiarity contributes to the increase in their sales and profit. Marketers are also responsible for giving their consumers a great and satisfying customer experience.

To achieve this, creating appealing and significant content is needed, and designers can help them with this task. Consumers are usually drawn to compelling storytelling.  This can say a lot about a specific brand and can even encourage the audience to stay loyal to its products and services. Designers are able to bring stories to life and immensely impact the consumers and meet their needs.

Furthermore, clients also play a role in formulating a concept. There may be a set of instructions and recommendations for designing a project. The marketers’ role is to become a bridge and contact the design team so that the details that need to be included can be relayed to the designers. This streamlines the entire process and reduces the effort wasted by the design team.

The takeaway

Marketing and design teams may be placed on the opposite sides of the spectrum. However, these two teams are incredibly powerful if they work in unity to improve a brand’s performance. Marketers may not be enough without designers, and designers will not successfully complete the job without marketers. The key here is to effectively and productively collaborate to reach the end goal.

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