Technologies have become a part of our lives; they literally surround us everywhere: television, the Internet, Internet banking, cellular communications, and so on. They help us save lives, do our homework, and even study. Today, we can forget about boring homework – we can delegate this work to a group of assignment helpers – homework companies like CWAssignments.

But, many people are used to confusing the two terms – “web design” and “web programming,” but in fact, they refer to two completely different areas of activity. When clients want to create a website, they start looking for specialists on the Internet for such requests: designer, developer, web designer, designer, and website developer.

However, the job of a web designer and a web developer should be kept separate.

What Is Web Design?

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Web design means planning and creating the visual side of a website. This includes the development of the site’s layout, the structure of web pages, the user interface, easy navigation, the choice of ideal color combinations, fonts, images, animations, and other graphic elements.

What Do You Need To Know for Web Design?

Today, a great web designer must:

  • Know Adobe Photoshop or another editor for creating and designing websites, for example, Figma
  • Be able to work with images, graphics and process photographs.
  • Understand typography (fonts) and be able to work with them

This person comes up with logos, banners, and other graphic elements, thinks over site navigation, and determines where the text should be placed.

Who Is a Web Programmer?

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Today, business pages with simply beautiful text and a bright picture will not attract the client’s attention as much as sites based on interactive components will. A web programmer is a professional in the field of computer technology, or more precisely, in the field of web programming. Their task is to create resources that will live and develop in the network.

What you need to know and be able to do from the start:

  • Layout and programming. If you want to do web development, you need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Browser APIs. Let’s say you are building a music streaming service.
  • Frameworks.
  • Interaction with the server.
  • Personal skills.

There are two types of website programming: server-side and client-side. Server programming, or backend, is building the logic of a site on the server-side. This includes processing requests from the outside, dynamically rendering HTML pages, interacting with the database, etc.

Web developers use various languages ​​such as PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and, more recently, JavaScript, that is competing with them. As a web developer, you must know at least one programming language to create a web application.

What Is The Difference Between a Web Programmer And a Web Designer?

Formally, the description of the professions sounds identical – both are engaged in the creation of the outer shell of the site. Moreover, from a certain point of view, both specialists do the same job: they create a “skeleton” of a site, select a color scheme, process images and add effects. That is, there are no fundamental differences in words, but there is a difference in approach.

Some professionals in the field of creating web projects specialize in well-defined areas of work, but many professionals prefer to go beyond specific areas. A graphic designer who understands the principles of creating web pages is more ready to work on the design of such projects.

Likewise, a web developer who understands the basics of design and visual communication can make smarter choices when coding pages and designing the interface for their project. If you like routine work and order, then web programming is for you. If you have the makings of a marketer, a creative person, and an understanding of what will be convenient for people and what will not, then you are a born web designer.

And in order to achieve success, in any case, you will have to study and work a lot. A good designer can get as much as a programmer. A web developer realizes a web designer’s idea by turning a layout into a working product. But on average, it will take a designer a couple of weeks – a month to develop one project. For programmers, a large project takes from several months to several years.

Should Designers and Programmers Work Together?

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Quite often, these people work separately, working on the same project. The designer works to create various elements of the site, chooses the fonts, as well as the color palette, while the developer writes the code and prepares the project for release. The most basic reason designers and developers should collaborate is to create a complete web project.

The designer cares about the quality of life of people, and the programmers care about technical superiority. With a designer, programmers keep in touch with consumer reality and create complete solutions taking into account the life context and aspirations of users. To do this, designers are working on an ideal model (prototype) of a product that would improve the lives of users.

And engineers are further carried away by the technical side of the matter and plunge into the field of taking inventive technical heights. Of course, both programmers and designers should be engaged in the creation of a site, but they should develop a site according to a ready-made project, which was drawn up by a marketer.

Thus, a web designer and a web developer are different from each other. They both have different duties and responsibilities. Many times a web developer also works as a web designer, and in this particular context, both can be used interchangeably. A web designer needs to be creative in order to come up with attractive designs for a website.

On the other hand, a web developer must have good logic in order to ensure the correct functionality of the website. Thus, we see that both are important – the programmer and the designer. Choose what appeals to you, or maybe become a designer and programmer all rolled into one.

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