There is practically no organization that doesn’t talk about “digital transformation.” According to many experts in this field, it is the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, all of them agree that it is one of the main drive forces of autonomous systems through automation.

When you take a look at some figures, you will understand just how significant this transformation is. In 2018, digitally transformed enterprises amounted to $13 trillion of the global nominal GPD. According to the same report, we can expect it to reach $53.3 trillion in the future.

One of the ways how it became so sought-after was its role in enhancing operational excellence. Explaining how this happened requires a certain level of knowledge about these concepts. Therefore, we will provide you with the basics that will help you understand it better.

What Does Digital Transformation Mean?

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Digital transformation is a concept that encompasses the integration of modern, digital technology in all aspects of a business. The implementation changes the way the company operates from scratch. Also, it has a crucial role in distrusting the value to clients.

Plus, we can see that it has a significant influence on the cultural change in an organization. For instance, many of them tend to be in the status quo without implementing new methods and technologies. When that happens, many of them tend to struggle with progress.

What’s even more dangerous is that a high percentage will get perfectly comfortable with not being successful. For that reason, we can observe digital transformation as a replacement of old values and imposing ones that will provide much more long-term benefits in the future.

The Basics of Operational Excellence

Operational excellence, or OpX, is a concept that boosts the performance levels crucial for the company’s future. But that doesn’t mean the organization should adopt a couple of methods. It is much more than that. We are talking about adopting a whole new mentality by members of the staff.

Furthermore, we can see that businesses that have opted for this adoption have a widely different approach when compared to the ones they are used to. Two crucial principles require attention in this case. We are talking about managing operational processes and business systematically.

It shifts the focus to meeting the client’s expectations. Since there is no way to adopt this mentality immediately and without training, it is required for every new member of the staff to understand the concept properly. If you want to learn more about it, you should visit Yoobic.

How Can DT Lead to Operational Excellence?

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Now, let’s see how digital transformation can lead a business towards an operational excellence mentality.

Establishing Digital Maturity

We’ve mentioned that digital transformation is not something you can do in a short amount of time. Since this is the case, it would be a mistake not to take the notion of every step in the progression. Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to create some benchmarks in this process.

Over time, an organization will develop a significant advantage over the competition. When the staff members adopt a habit to measure this progress, they will realize the bigger picture behind it all.

At the same time, they will see which areas will require more effort and focus. Step by step, the organization will reach digital maturity. How is this related to operational excellence? Well, with a better understanding of some processes, you can use them to boost performance.

High-Quality Communication

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Communication is a crucial factor for every business. That goes both for intercourse between colleagues and with clients. With the implementation of digital technologies, this segment will become much easier and efficient.

Since communication with clients is essential for operational excellence, you can understand why it is crucial to focus best efforts and resources on it. Furthermore, we can see that the communication segment is currently one of the most developed ones within this concept. Without any doubt, this is a trend that will evolve even more in the future.

Sustainable Future

Investing in digital transformation is a key factor in the growth of every business. The complete organization will be more efficient, flexible, connected, and optimized. All of these factors will ultimately lead to fulfilling every goal the organization has.

The changes are fundamental. Meaning, the businesses will learn how to operate efficiently and to provide higher value to their customers. In the meantime, the traditional ways that are simply surplus to requirements in this day and age will not be of value anymore.


At the moment, digital transformation looks like an inevitable process. There are still some companies and organizations that haven’t conducted this procedure. Still, their number will decline in the future. We are absolutely certain of that. Here, you can see why this process is necessary for achieving the highest levels of operational excellence.

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