The pandemic has brought about the emergence of a huge number of web resources and various websites. Everyone, from large to small businesses, has realized that without an online presence, it will be difficult to cope with the competition.

Because of this, many people have started to actively create blogs, write interesting articles for users, both short and long, include videos in their marketing strategy, make websites more interactive, and much more. But some things are inevitable, and many web resources are faced with the fact that traffic not only stops growing after a while but begins to decline catastrophically.

That is why many companies and SEO services are trying to figure out how best to attract organic traffic. In this article, we will talk about the most effective and proven ways to do that.

Optimizing content based on search intent

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Google specialists do not manually determine the position of a particular web source. All this work is done by an algorithm, and its task is to place those sources that offer the best content in the top positions.

When it comes to ranking a website, engagement metrics play a huge role, which depends on many factors. If you have an analysis of these indicators and you see that the level of engagement is low, then this means that you are not holding the audience’s attention well, and you are publishing uninteresting and low-quality content.

Once this problem is solved, you can start optimizing your content. To start off, familiarize how to use rank tracking tools then you need to analyze the keywords that are suitable for your niche. Based on these keys, you can learn more about what users are interested in and understand what questions you need to answer.

Starting to produce relevant content, you need to provide not only high-quality and expert data but also pay attention to making the content captivating. Texts must be easy to read and filled with various stories, quotes, images, illustrations, as well as videos.

Mentioning high and low-frequency keywords

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Content writers, in most cases, try to mention as many high-frequency keywords as possible in their articles, but you should understand that due to their high number of mentions, it will be difficult for you to compete with the most authoritative sources.

This is why you should also use low-frequency keywords to make a greater contribution to increasing your online presence. Therefore, you should not rely only on the most popular keywords but also mention the least used ones. If you employ this tactic, you will see a jump in organic traffic, while popular keywords will take some time to bear fruit.

Using the cluster model

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Search engine algorithms serve to provide users with the highest quality and most relevant sources to meet their needs. It is, therefore, necessary to let the algorithm know that your source is one of the most authoritative ones.

To do this, many companies are trying to use the cluster model. Its main task is to provide a main page that will contain a complete overview of the topic. And in addition, also provide links to other subtopics that are on your website and that users will find interesting and useful to read about.

This helps you drive traffic to other pages, and by doing so, you influence the ranking of both the main and the cluster pages. All links must work properly and lead users to other articles. However, sometimes for various reasons, links can break, and you should use a broken link checker regularly to make sure everything is working properly.

In addition, such a system allows you to avoid having many articles on the same topic that will compete with each other.

Implementing a link building strategy

Link building

This means that you need to get more authoritative sources to link to you. This is not easy to do, and therefore you will need to work hard, but as practice shows, this is a viable and very effective way. Your task is to find authoritative sources in your niche and get them to start linking to you.

However, before that, you need to analyze their web resources and make your content suitable for their site. If you’re not sure that you can manage this yourself, you can always turn to a professional link building service.

Skyscraper method


You can try to get more mentions by authoritative sources in another way. After choosing a topic and analyzing a huge number of quality articles, you need to make this content even better. That is, it is necessary to carry out high-quality work on investigating a certain topic to provide users with more complete and profound information that has not been disclosed before.

After that, you will have to provide your updated and improved content and ask authoritative sources to replace your competitors’ content with yours, where there will be links to your web resource.


If you notice a lull in organic traffic or even a slight decline, then you’ll need to start using more effective SEO tactics. They consist in optimizing content based on user search intent, using high and low-frequency keywords, implementing a cluster model, using a link-building strategy, and the skyscraper method.

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