The best way to build a lucrative career from being a JavaScript Developer is to practice as much as possible. This is found in many instances, from athletics, teaching, administration to even being a barista.

Practice makes perfect. Finding the best JavaScript projects to help you code can become quite a tedious effort, and although the internet is filled with thousands of great free resources to help you hone your skills – it’s better to have all these projects allocated in one easily accessible place.

Depending on your level of expertise, there’s a wide range of projects that can help you better understand the complex and layered obstacles and how to solve them. More so, these projects start simple and range in the level of difficulties – from novice freelancers to professional developers.

This free resource has roughly 100 JavaScript projects to help you build your knowledge. But remember, no project is easy to handle without a project management tool like Wrike or one of its alternatives.

Here are some tips for beginners working on practice projects:

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Start with the basics first – have a firm understanding of how everything works and how to solve small and simple issues before moving onto bigger things.

Cross-browser compatibility does change quite often – be aware that not all web browsers use the same JavaScript and that the code you type now might not necessarily work on a different web browser. Equip yourself with the tools and platforms that can assist with the testing of your code beforehand.

Have cycled testing – test your code beforehand and do it regularly to ensure you’re still on the right track and that if any glitches or errors occur in the testing phase, you can easily fix them.

Make use of tools that can help you solve issues – depending on the error or issue and the level of severity. There are certain tools and platforms which can assist you in detecting problems and find solutions for them.

Books and bookmarks – get comfortable with books and online resources that will help you learn and understand more. If you find an interesting resource online, bookmark it for later. When a new book gets published on JavaScript writing and coding, save it up to purchase it or download a digital copy.

Now, although we know that JavaScript isn’t something just about anyone can do, it’s good to make yourself more comfortable with basic things before moving onto more advanced projects. Let’s take a look at some of the projects you can start working on right now and where to find them.

Below we listed some easy to do JavaScript projects for beginners:

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  • Changing the background color of a website or mobile app.
  • Modify and change the HEX Color.
  • Insert a random quote.
  • Inserting a counter to lower or add count.

These coding projects all took about 5-10 minutes to complete with limited effort and are quite easy to understand once you have access to the source code from GitHub.

The next few projects have a bit more complexities to them and can about 20 minutes to almost 3 hours to complete from start to finish.

  • Adding testimonials and quotes.
  • Creating grocery carts and shopping lists.
  • Setting up a ‘to-do list’.
  • Creating simple and user-friendly content for a coffee shop or car dealership.
  • Creating a course form for an online school or university.

Here are some more advanced yet simple and easy to understand and complete projects for both beginners and intermediate JavaScript Developers.

  • Inserting a BMI calculator.
  • Creating a weight conversion “calculator”.
  • Building a 2D breakout game – this has some interesting and tricky things to comprehend in the beginning, but once you know the ins and outs, it becomes a lot easier to do.
  • Creating an interactive quiz.
  •  Building a ‘whack-a-mole’ game.
  • Combining different elements to build a recipe App.

Although the above projects might seem a bit overwhelming and too complex to do, especially if you’re starting, you can always begin and return to them at a later stage.

The great thing about these platforms, where you can find a variety of JavaScript Projects to complete, is that once you have access to the source code and have covered the basics – then you’ll be able to move onto more trying projects.

Final Thoughts

These and other great projects are available on JSBeginner, and we thought they’re the perfect blend of traditional and modern coding. Once you start your project, you’ll notice that you will have the ability to access both the Source Code and GitHub Source Files.

The platform also offers you step-by-step assistance, listing what type of JavaScript you will be making use of, how to fix certain issues if they do occur, and what are certain things you will need to consider for future and more intrigued projects.

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