To get your website featured on German websites, you can survey your German audience or contact the German press. There are many ways to survey the Germans who visit your site, but one of the most effective is to use Google analytics and ask a question in the report area.

This should be done at least a few times per year and will provide information on what they find most interesting as well as their most popular searches. The following are some of the tips on how to get your website featured on German websites. You can also visit to learn more about backlinks that could improve your website’s presence.

1. Cross-check your Google Analytics statistics

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This will be one of the main ways to understand and increase your site visitors. You can see this in many areas, but an example is the keywords that are searched for. Take into account that not only German speakers use Google Analytics, but also English speakers do as well. Moreover, English searches are way more popular.

2. Find out about the German press

The German press should be contacted personally by sending them an email with a link to your website if you want to get featured on their site. Also, German websites like portals and blogs should be contacted directly by email if you want to be featured on them.

3. Monitor your competitors’ Facebook pages

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Do not forget that a total of 70% of the people who visit a website, also visit the website’s Facebook page. They are also looking for new leads. Their posts on this social networking site should be monitored to see what is going on in Germany and how your competition gets featured.

4. Survey your German audience

You can find out the most searched-for topic or keyword in any country with Google Analytics or by using a tool like, which provides you with the most popular search terms in any given country based on which you can make a list of keywords to use in your article. You can also use the free SEO tool to help you find the most popular keywords in any country.

5. Write at least one article a week for German websites

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In order to get featured, you must provide great content to your website visitors on a regular basis and keep posting the articles at the same frequency. This can be done by writing an article every week for three months on the topic of what your industry is all about.

Then, you should share it on your social media profiles. Use upvotes on Reddit and Quora as well as shares on Facebook and Twitter as positive feedback. If successful, this will help you get featured more often.

6. Post your articles on Quora

If you want to get featured on German websites, your articles can be posted on Quora, which has a lot of traffic and great open rates. Quora has a lot of upvotes and shares, which will help you get more exposure. You should then share the link with other social media sites to get more followers and comments.

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