The current covid19 pandemic has involuntary influenced most businesses to venture into e-commerce due to lockdowns in different cities and countries. E-commerce means conducting business through the internet. Therefore, a few strategies have to be undertaken for a company to be successful on its e-commerce platform.

To grow your business on e-commerce, one has to plan, strategize and arrange their work on the internet in a way that offerwill attract an audience. Consequently, it will channel customers to your products and services, thus increasing sales.

There are different ways to grow your e-commerce website. These include; getting a qualified e-commerce web designer and a custom web designer to help plan your website. Secondly, you need to keep up with the generating e-commerce trends. Also, ensure the website is secured with an SSL certificate to assure customers you are a credible website.

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Thirdly, taking advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to create shoppable posts.

Others include; implementing Omnichannel marketing to help reach multiple devices and how best-selling casing products attract a wide range of customers. Also, using paid traffic will help increase e-commerce growth, increasing sales despite its risks, incorporating augmented reality to enhance shopping. Additionally, it’s vital to prioritize the protection of your e-commerce business by investing in comprehensive ecommerce business insurance. This ensures that your venture is safeguarded against unforeseen risks and liabilities, providing you with peace of mind as you focus on growing your online presence.

Therefore, to grow an e-commerce website, one needs to keep up with the many e-commerce trends.

Five reasons you should use a custom e-commerce website

A custom e-commerce website is mostly a unique website made specifically for your company and is made from scratch. Other companies may decide to use pre-made websites such as Shopify; however, there’s always an option to have a custom website. Thus a need to get a custom web designer for New Zealand websites.

Alternatively, if you are using Shopify and want help with marketing, you can simply install an app like PowerBuy Connect. It allows the customers to pin and share the product with friends and family using a wishlist. This not only retains the customer for a higher period by giving them a sense of smart buy but also boosts word of mouth marketing.  

Below are five reasons one should use a custom e-commerce website.

Customized products

Bar shampoo

When using an e-commerce customized product, you can also customize your products either on request or out of company rules. For instance, branding companies may require a custom-made website due to the various variables such as cost, sizes, or the products being branded. Thus custom e-commerce will allow you to incorporate these variables compared to a pre-made one.

Offer unique shipping options

A custom e-commerce option allows you to offer diverse shipping options for your company. This will attract more customers as they can opt for their most convenient courier service.
It protects your customer’s data.

Using a custom e-commerce website, you are sure that your client’s personal data is not at risk since there’s no third party involved.

It helps you build unique features

UX design

A custom e-commerce website allows you to go out and beyond with creativity to attract customers. It enables you to create features that will heighten your conversion rates. It also promotes personalization for each customer to make them feel special and appreciated.

For instance, if you are using Shopify, you can use an ad automation app like ConvertedIn for setting up ads on Facebook, Google, and other platforms on autopilot. The AI platform will boost your ROI by targeting that is more likely to convert.

It allows the use of different credit cards

Most pre-made websites only allow specific credit cards. However, custom websites will allow your customers to use different credit cards hence lifting the credit card barrier.

In Conclusion

Custom-made designs give a personalized feel to customers. Also, it helps the company stick to its unique rules and regulations. Therefore, they are more likely to have high conversion rates and grow indefinitely.

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