There many ways to earn money. Others prefer reporting at the office, working in a hospital, or offering their services, may it be cleaning a house or doing errands for other people. Meanwhile, other people utilize their hobbies to generate income. In this era of technology, numerous systems can be used for livelihood or profession.

Vlogging is becoming more popular every day, where people document their day-to-day lives through snippets of videos. While others are comfortable with doing so, some are too shy to face the camera. For the latter, blogging is the best way to publicize their products, services, and interests.

Why Blogging Is Popular

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Blogging is commonly used to express your interest or ideas about certain topics. You may do so by simply writing a review about a food or product you’ve tried. Nonetheless, these blogs are considered essential to readers, as they often rely on customer reviews when they want to try a product or service.

While blogging may look like a hobby, others can generate income from it, especially if they get to attract more than 10,000 organic readers or viewers. This is truly exciting since bloggers get to do the things they love, write about them, and earn money at the same time. Although, not everyone can easily get 10,000 or more people to read their blogs monthly.

Interestingly, there are ways to grow your network and be able to monetize your blog. Below are some ways to generate income while growing your blog:

1. Choose A Profitable Niche

Coming up with interesting content is challenging enough. You could be uncertain as to whether readers will be drawn to the type of content you write. However, if you choose a blog that genuinely reflects your interest, then ideas and creativity will naturally come to you.

Look for a topic that you enjoy learning about because, chances are, if you’re interested in a certain topic, you can attract people who have the same interests. With this, you can easily build your target market and establish the branding of your blog posts.

However, since you’re trying to generate more traffic to your blogs, you have to identify if the topic you’re interested in can attract a vast audience. For helpful references, you can search and read more blogging stats and other relevant information to help you start on the right track.

There are lots of topics or ideas that might interest you. However, remember that not everyone shares the same sentiments. While choosing your topic of interest is a good start, ensure that it connects with the majority to generate more visitors to your site.

2. Use Google AdSense

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To attract more visitors to your page, using advertisements can be an excellent idea. Most websites use Google AdSense nowadays. This shows advertisements that are related to your website or niche.
For example, if the focus of your content is beauty and health, then advertisements about supplements, vitamins, and the like would most likely appear on your website.

Whenever a visitor tries to click on this advertisement, you get to earn money. Furthermore, it’s also an excellent way to attract readers to your website. Others can easily be enticed with great advertisements. This is helpful when you’re trying to increase your earnings through blogging.

3. Become A Freelance Blogger

You don’t necessarily need to keep all the good content to yourself. If you’re still starting as a blogger, you may also work for other websites as a freelancer. Aside from earning money from it, you also get to widen your connections and rake in more followers in the process. Once people see how talented of a blogger you are, you’ll get more job offers and projects.

If you have your own blog, this baby step will surely help you in the long run. You can use your writing expertise for other businesses. Many companies need assistance in their marketing efforts.

For instance, there are food businesses that are looking for writers who can make reviews for them. If you’re someone who enjoys giving feedback about the food and services of a restaurant through writing, then this can be your niche.

On the other hand, some people enjoy traveling, may it be local or international travel. You can look for businesses that work for travel tours or at a hotel. These businesses would often look for people who can write reviews for them to strengthen their marketing and attract more customers.

Being a freelance writer has its advantages and disadvantages. Having full control of your schedule and the liberty to choose whom to work with are great perks. The payment can sometimes, however, be a problem. Some writers are too underpaid for their pieces.

As you work on a project, the feeling that you’re not getting the compensation you deserve may impede your progress. Thus, knowing how to determine the proper rates for your work is very important as a freelancer.

4. Try Affiliate Marketing

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Getting commissions is also one of the best strategies to earn from your blogs. When you make a referral for a particular product on your website, you can earn a commission out of it. If your visitor clicks it and buys using that link, then you get a commission or a referral fee. This is how affiliate marketing works. Thus, you should find the best affiliate programs to earn big.


Earning money online may be a challenge if you’re just starting—especially in blogging. Many people use blogging as an outlet to voice their opinions or share new ideas. It may take weeks, months, or for others, years to make blogs profitable. Regardless, never give up. When you focus on earning right away, you may get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

The first thing you need to do is work on your ideas, look for people who share the same interest as you build your network, and grow your visitors. Then, the profits will come later. Lastly, no matter how much money you make in your blogs, if you don’t enjoy it, then it probably won’t last. Remember what made you start blogging in the first place and envision your success in the future.

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