In 2022 there is almost no person who does not use Twitter. However, if you are at the beginning and do not know where to start and how to gain followers (whether it is your private or business account), relax, and keep reading. We did the job for you- the only thing you need to do is follow our instructions and watch your profile grow!

Edit your profile

In the first place, you need to edit your profile, which means you need to choose your @name, upload your profile photo, and background images. Of course, do not forget to write something in the bio section (for example your company name, link to your website, etc.)

Get to know the Twitter language

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After editing your profile, you may think that you are all ready for the Twitter community. Nevertheless, if you are new here, it will be very useful to learn some definitions like feed, handle, DM, RT, etc.

Follow other profiles

In most cases, you are here to promote yourself and check out other profiles you are interested in. Follow them (private or business accounts) and see what they are up to, in fact, you may even find some inspiration (even so, do not copy anything!)

Tweet regularly

At first, you want to attract your followers, and there is no better way than being active and post regularly.

Use hashtags

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When tweeting, use hashtags! They can be industry hashtags or your private as well, but know when you use them, you reach more accounts! But, be careful, too many hashtags (more than three) are too much!

Communicate with others

You need to understand that many Twitter users are here for conversations, jokes, connecting, etc. For that reason, you can use the 80/20 rule- 20% of your tweets can be about your business and products, but other 80% you need to engage your followers and communicate with them for example via Twitter chats.

When posting use images

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Do not be afraid to tweet with some pictures, video, or other visual content whenever you can!

Invite your friends to use Twitter

Nowadays, people are using many different social media networks, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If they already have Twitter, follow them, and if they don’t- ask them to join the Twitter community!

Know Twitter’s algorithm

It is important to know when to tweet. You have to know when is your audience on Twitter, so you can reach more profiles. You can also access Twitter analytics so you can track followers, profile visits, mentions, number of tweets, tweet impressions, and much more useful information.

Promote your profile

Clearly, if you want your audience to know about you, you have to promote your Twitter account on your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media networks you use.

When posting, don’t forget to tag other people

With tags, your tweet will reach more accounts and get you more followers! By tagging other accounts, you are more likely to start communicating with them.

Create quality content

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Your posts should be interesting and original if you want to keep people interested. To be precise, ask questions if you want to open up dialogue, post inspiring quotes, comment on current situations in the world, etc.

If you own a business, add your location

Do I even have to emphasize how important this is?

Try to get verified

If people know you are verified, they are more likely to follow you because it means that you are credible and real. You have to be active, tweet visual content that is open to the public and you will increase your chances of getting verified.

Post your most popular tweets again

You will have to track Twitter analytics to know which tweets are more interesting than others so you can post them again.

You want to promote your products, not yourself

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But don’t be self-promotional, you need to promote others’ stuff too. You need to understand that you will gain more followers if you share interesting things that your audience likes and give them a reason to stay on your profile.

Follow similar profiles

The greater the chances of retweeting a post that interests you, the easier it will be to start communicating with them and you may find some inspiration!

Connect with others by using Twitter Spaces

This feature is available if you have more than 400 followers. You can connect with other people, show how interesting you are, and gain new followers.

Start following more people

You cannot expect to gain Twitter followers if you don’t follow anyone. Of course, if you follow other people, the greater the chance they will follow back.

Be patient

Nothing comes overnight, but be sure that effort and patience always pay off. In the end, it may seem that the process of gaining new followers on Twitter is complicated and you will not succeed, but if you follow these rules and stay motivated, success is guaranteed!

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