Reddit is a wealth of communities and there is likely one or more subreddits that are closely related to your niche. Becoming an active member in these communities is a great way to learn about your audience and engage them on a regular basis. You can also develop your projects and create content. If your writing skills are not that good, you can always turn to the professionals at and they will help you create a text that your readers will remember.

In this post, we show you three different ways to find subreddits that are related to your niche.

1. Subreddit Search

Reddit has a subreddit search feature at To use the subreddit search, look for the box that says, “what are you interested in?” and enter keywords that are related to your niche.
Here is a list of subreddits that is produced by the keyword “startups”:

2. Reddit Content Search

Reddit has a “content search” feature at which is used to search for posts on the site, but it also provides a list of subreddits with each search. This list of subreddits is generated by how many times your keyword phrase has been mentioned in the subreddit.
Here is the list of subreddits that is produced when we searched for “startups”:
This search will produce similar results as the subreddit search, but sometimes it will list additional subreddits that the subreddit search does not include.

3. Metareddit Search is a 3rd party application that has a number of features related to reddit. Their most popular feature is the subreddit search which can be found at
Here are the results produced by a metareddit search for “startups”:
The metareddit search is great because it lists the results in alphabetical order and the results are shown as a “cloud” with larger subreddits having a larger font size. Another great feature is that you can filter the results by “subscribers” and “last post”. The “subscribers” filter limits the results to subreddits that are a certain size (we filtered the results above for 1000+ subscribers). The “last post” filter will only show subreddits that have a new post within the last day, week, month, etc.

Choosing the right subreddits to follow

Each subreddit search method will produce numerous subreddits, many of which will not be useful to you. Investigate the subreddits that seem like they could be related to your niche and ignore the subreddits that are clearly unrelated. When deciding if a subreddit is right for you, take note of how many subscribers it has, when the last post was made, and the type of content that is being shared and discussed.
When in doubt, subscribe to the subreddit and give it a chance. You can always unsubscribe later if the community is not valuable to you. There are also tools that enable you to buy Reddit subscribers.

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