In WoW, for a long time, professions were not particularly relevant in order to spend your time on them, and certain types were not studied at all by anyone.

WoW character

It was easier for players to buy WoW gold than to engage in full-fledged leveling of the hero, collecting resources and crafting, when it practically didn’t pay off and was replaced by raids and other activities that immediately gave the finished product.

But everything changed with the release of the Dragonflight update, when the developers literally restarted the entire system of professions, making them unique, multifunctional, profitable and interesting, and also changed all types of interfaces.

WoW blacksmith

Who is a blacksmith in WoW Dragonflight

The blacksmith is a steelworker and his main role is to produce pieces of armor, melee weapons, tools and mount special sockets for inserting potential gems from the side of the jeweler.

Your main customers will be Paladins and Death Knights, since almost all the equipment that is important for them can be produced by the blacksmith.

Your second activity will be the production of primordial stones – these are special items that can be inserted into weapons to obtain additional performance enhancements.

What has changed for blacksmiths in the Dragonflight update

As already mentioned, the developers have significantly reworked the entire system of professions for all types of crafts and resource gathering.

The general interface has changed, which has become more intuitive and equipped with a large number of hints and tips for accelerating the leveling of skills and gaining new knowledge.

There is a new opportunity to upgrade and earn at the same time on your craft – the table of orders.

It works like this – now players can create a request to craft an item and attach all resources and rewards to it, and the master player will complete the order and earn gold.

The whole process is controlled by the gaming system, so it will not work to deceive or not complete the order.

For each successful order, points for production will also be awarded, but at the beginning very few orders will be available to you due to the poor qualification of the master.

A new system of specialization has appeared, it allows you to delve into one of the areas of blacksmithing and become a real master in it and create truly masterpiece items.

Major UI Changes Related to Professions

All classes and specialties, regardless of their affiliation, have received a new, informative and understandable interface, with a bunch of tips and animations.

Key changes:

  • Now, when you hover over any materials and resources for crafting, you will see hints on their value, cost, and ways to get them.
  • Now each individual resource has its own quality parameter, which will directly affect the final item for the better, or worse, from what was intended.
  • Now, for each item created for the first time, you will receive special knowledge points that are needed to develop specializations. Having completed all types of crafting for the first time, you can be guaranteed to pump your first focus.
  • Now you can see in the interface all your activities as an artisan. For example, you can change equipment – this can be useful if the armor has bonuses for the Death Knight, but you need to change it to the specification for the Paladin. In parallel, you will be able to install nests in weapons and armor, produce tools for artisans and craft stones with characteristics and install them.

Characteristics for blacksmithing in WoW Dragonflight

Now, after the release of the update, all representatives of the crafting and gathering professions have received their own special characteristics, which greatly affect the process of their activities for the better.

The key parameter for any master is the indicator of skill. He is responsible for the degree and maximum limit of the item that you can create at your level. The higher the skill, the more items you can create and the greater the likelihood of creating a high quality product, or a masterpiece.

To assess the likelihood of creating a top item, you need to take into account your skill level, the presence of special craft equipment, bonuses from your specialization, the availability of high quality resources and of course luck.

WoW craftsmanship

Basic characteristics of blacksmithing other than craftsmanship

  • Overproduction – the parameter allows you to get the probability of creating several items instead of one, which was originally planned.
  • Resourcefulness is a characteristic. which, on the contrary, allows you to produce an item, but save a larger amount of resources than were originally planned.
  • Inspiration – while working with production, you have a chance to increase the skill parameter one-time and get the opportunity to create a masterpiece.
  • Speed – You gain increased speed in processing materials and producing items.

While working with resources and items, if any of the bonuses is triggered, you will receive a sound and animation notification and a text description in the crafting results.

You can evenly increase the parameters due to equipment and other useful amplifiers.

Concentrate on the level of inspiration and skill to increase the number of items you can create with higher quality.

Then look for resourcefulness and overproduction, which will allow you to get more final goods and spend less resources.

Lastly, pay attention to the speed of work, since although they pleasantly improve the pace of processing resources and producing items, these bonuses can hardly be called a priority, especially when all resources are accumulated for a long time and are difficult, but are spent quickly. In the later stages of development, speed, on the contrary, will help you accelerate the pace of resource preparation and the overall speed of production.

Specializations and their choice

When you reach level 25 of the profession, you will be able to choose your first specialization. It should be noted right away that over time you will be able to develop all key areas and become a universal master in all areas, but the first direction will be easier than all the others. In the future, you need to complete quests that have a cooldown of 7 days in order to get the remaining knowledge points and upgrade all specializations.

You can choose:

Armor production – all armor that you produce from steel has increased characteristics. You can also remake finished products, changing their original parameters.

Crafting Weapons and Tools – You get additional bonuses to your stats by crafting weapons for melee heroes that are crafted from steel and some tools that you personally need to develop your crafting stats.

Special Forging is a specialization that enhances the parameters of all non-lethal equipment and tools that you will deal with. A good choice only if you are investing in the development of your own character, but if your path lies in items for sale to other heroes, then the first two specializations are worth considering.

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