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Adobe Photoshop seems like an outdated tool with the sea of content editing software available today. After all, its initial version was first released more than three decades ago in 1990. So why learn Photoshop in 2021 when you have a set of newer technologies out there waiting for you to learn and master. Here are four reasons to do so:

Save Money

Whether you’re working on a personal project or running a business, Photoshop lets you use the software without having to hire someone. Companies spend hundreds of dollars hiring full-time graphic designers or working with freelance contractors just for simple tasks, such as business card or poster designs, website UI revamping, etcetera.

Make Money

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There is a large group of professionals in the U.S. who are employed for their Photoshop expertise, either as full-time employees or independent contractors. Photoshop remains one of the most widely used designs and editing applications for commercial enterprises as well, which means mastering it gives you more work opportunities.

Exercise Your Creativity

Photoshop allows you to express your creativity without technological and financial limitations that hinder many designers who don’t have thousands of dollars to sink into paid professional tools. Adobe Photoshop is also very user-friendly, allowing non-tech-savvy users to still get the most out of the tool with minimal experience.

And of course, the more you practice, the more sophisticated projects you can create.

Relatively Inexpensive

Cost often bars many undercapitalized users, but Photoshop is priced relatively cheap that anyone can start using it. In fact, there are seasonal offers featuring a 7-day trial for free photoshop for students and specific user groups from trusted platforms like Adobe CC.

The Photoshop suite of tools for desktop and iPad are available in different subscription plans. There is also a free Photoshop trial period for first-time users. After seven days, you can opt to buy the full version of the application.

These are only four of the many utilities that still make Photoshop a relevant and powerful application today. The range of projects you can work on with Photoshop is also one of the main reasons to learn the technology.

Projects Photoshop can be integrated with

Product design

From t-shirts to custom keyboards, there are various tutorials and courses that teach you how to get your own custom-designed swag using Photoshop.

Photo restoration

Man sitting on black chair grayscale photo

Old family snapshots are great for reminiscing good times, but these also tend to fade over time. You can use Photoshop’s set of features, including sharpening and healing brushes, clone stamps, retouching tools, and a layers palette to restore the image quality of these photos.

Web design

Creating a professional website involves a ton of coding in the back-end, but you also need professional design tools and expertise to pull off a crisp and aesthetically appealing website UI. For even more web design features, consider investing in Adobe CC, which not only includes Photoshop but other tools as well, i.e., Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro.


While these are all good reasons to get Photoshop in 2021, the best way to see the application’s value is to take it for a test drive. With a 7-day risk-free trial period, you can use all core features of Photoshop and determine whether or not it’s a tool you’d be able to use personally and professionally.

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