Logos can make or break a company. They are the first thing people see when they hear about your company and develop an idea of it.

You can learn your marketing strategies by knowing how many visitors were converted into customers through different marketing channels like online and offline marketing. But first, you need to understand the difference between the two.

Online Promotion: Different Kinds of Social Media Usage

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Online promotion is done through various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sites. The use of social media websites has increased in the last decade. Social networking is now a part of people’s life.

Since social media sites allow users to connect with the individuals they care about, businesses need to use this as their marketing tactics. This idea is fundamental since most companies want to communicate with their customers to be more likely to choose them over other businesses. In addition, you can use different social media websites to promote your business.

For example, you can use Instagram to share pictures or videos of your work and Twitter to share pieces of information from your blog or website. By doing this, you can let people know what the company is all about. Your profile gives information about your business and shows customers what you are doing together with the product you make.

Offline Promotion

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Offline promotion differs from online promotion in many ways. The main difference is it’s off the internet. Offline promotion involves traditional marketing methods like television ads, radio, newspapers, print media, and billboard ads. Offline promotion is a great way to reach customers where they are.

If you meet up with a potential customer, you can hand them a business card with your social media information instead of telling them your handles and asking them to follow you. By all means, you should still ask them to follow; it’s just easier and more professional to do it with a business card.

According to a report, Americans spend around 11 hours interacting with the media and 7 hours away from the internet. So, more time is spent listening to the radio, watching live television, and DVR. Using these stats, you can say there are good chances that people will see your ad either through the TV or listening to the radio.

Create Both

In conclusion, online and offline promotion have benefits, and a good marketing strategy should involve both. You should remember to have a good logo that is consistent in both offline and online promotions. You can use an online logo maker like Adobe Spark to make a professional logo for your business regardless of your graphic design skillsets. Or, if this seems like a too complicated task, and you are not sure if you have enough time to do it, you can always seek professional help from the best digital branding agencies, as they will meet all of your expectations.

With online and offline marketing, you can expect your business to increase and to a greater extent. While offline marketing can help with regional promotions, online marketing can help expand your business globally.

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