You now have a fundamental understanding of how Reddit works and how it can be used as a marketing resource. We are confident that Reddit will be an efficient way for you to gather information, curate content, form valuable relationships, and more. If you make it a habit to contribute value to your chosen subreddit on a regular basis, you will see the rewards of your efforts over time.

The hard part now is to make a consistent effort on Reddit. Just like other social media, you should be visiting Reddit every day. The more familiar you are with your target community, and the more you contribute, the more opportunities you will have to achieve meaningful results.

We encourage you to continue following these articles. Still, the strategies we’ll be discussing in our second article installment are doomed to fail if you do not take the time to become a true redditor.

Announcement of Part Two

In the second part, you will create a Reddit marketing strategy for your business. We will start by crafting your business’s story and taking inventory of the assets you can offer to the Reddit community. We will then show you how to build a Reddit marketing strategy around your story and assets that will contribute significant value to Reddit while producing results for your business.

But, before we move on, we thought it’d be best to leave you with a quick glossary of commonly used acronyms. Just so that you don’t have to Google when you stumble upon them if you’ve never encountered them before.

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Basic terms and abbreviations that you may encounter on Reddit

  • AMA – Ask me anything
  • DAE – Does anyone else…?
  • ELI5 – Explain like I’m 5
  • FTFY – Fixed that for you
  • IAmA I am a… (also the main subreddit for AMAs)
  • ITT – In this thread…
  • Lurker A person who frequently visits Reddit but does not post
  • NSFW – Not safe for work
  • OP – Original poster (the user that created the post)
  • PM – Private message
  • Self-post – A text post
  • Throwaway – An account made by a redditor that is used for a specific post and then “thrown away” to maintain anonymity.
  • TIL – Today I learned…
  • tl;dr – Too long; didn’t read (used to label a summary of a post)
  • Troll – A user who posts or comments just to get a rise out of others.

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