If you have been following along with the assignments, you now have a fundamental understanding of how Reddit works and how you can engage Reddit communities related to your business. You are now probably wondering how you can use this knowledge to promote your business to redditors actively.

We will get to that in the following articles, but at this point, you should know that you have all of the knowledge needed to utilize Reddit as a valuable marketing resource. You can create results for your business by using Reddit to perform market research, curate content, and network with people in your industry.

Using Reddit for Market Research

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Reddit is a place where consumers share their problems, interests, experiences, and other valuable insights. As a business, it is your job to parse the discussions that consumers are having and determine how you can better serve them based on this information.

In addition to passively listening on Reddit, you can also actively join the discussion by asking questions. You can ask questions in the comments section of a post, or you can submit a post that asks for feedback on a specific topic. Redditors will be happy to provide feedback as long as you are honest about who you are and tell them how you will use the feedback they provide.

Curating Content from Reddit

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Reddit’s primary purpose has always been to help users find and share great content. Similarly to what user experience consultants can do for you. As a business, you can use Reddit to find valuable content related to your niche and share that content with your audiences on social media. You can also use a discussion on Reddit as a jumping-off point for a blog post.

Curating content from Reddit to build your social media channels or blog readership is a simple way to leverage the time you are spending on Reddit.

Networking on Reddit

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As you participate on Reddit, you will find users that have certain skills, experiences, and connections. You might even see other businesses in your niche participating on Reddit.

Just like in real life, you can reach out to these users and build a relationship with them. Building relationships with individuals in your niche is always good for business.

Assignment 8.1 – Curate content from Reddit

Visit your target subreddit to see if there is any content being shared that your social media audiences would find valuable. Start with the front page (hot tab) of your subreddit
to find current and interesting content.

If you cannot find anything worth sharing on your subreddit front page, check the “top” tab. Look at posts from the past month, year, and all-time to find something that you can share on social media.

To complete this assignment: post one piece of content you found on Reddit to a social media channel

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