The world around us is changing at the speed of light. To keep up with the recent trends, it’s best to implement them into your day-to-day routine. The shifts the pandemics caused affected the world of app development significantly.

So, on-demand delivery app development is at its peak at the moment.

Yet, some of you may not know where to start should you decide upon launching your personal on-demand delivery project. That is precisely what we’ll discuss in this article. Read on to learn more!

Main types of delivery apps

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The main field to start with if you consider investing in an on-demand delivery project would be figuring out which types of such applications exist in the industry. To ease your task a little, it should be stated that there are three types.


The chances are that abbreviation B2B is known to you since it stands for simple Business to Business app type. Such an app type is designed to connect two or more business industries.


There are also Busines-to-Consumer applications to distinguish. Most of you are using such apps in everyday life without even noticing. Take a pizza delivery app as the most vivid example. The business – pizza place – delivers the product to the consumer – you.


The last type of potential on-demand delivery apps is Peer-to-Peer. This means that two end-users exploit an app for a single business goal. It doesn’t matter whether the goods or services are purchased or sold.

Such an app type would belong to the P2P category. To make things a little clearer, you should think about Uber or eBay as the best category representatives.

How do you build an on-demand delivery app?

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Before getting involved with app development, let’s take a look at basic things to consider.

Business model

A well-thought-out business model is the key to success. Whether it is a retailer app, or postal service, or even on-demand delivery project kind, you should think about the target audience, aims, and resources before outlining the project idea.

Business goals

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At this stage, you should consider the type of delivery, city-, country-, or worldwide-scale of operation, weight, and size of delivered items, and so on.

Once you point out the exact answers to the questions, you will be able to come up with the specific functionality of the app.

Business priorities

Coming up with the on-demand delivery app just because everyone else is doing it cannot be wise. You should be well-aware of the solutions the app may present you and your customer with.

Depending upon the pointed priorities, you can set up initial requirements the project should meet.

Basic features a promising on-demand delivery app requires

There is a list of advanced features that your future app will feature. However, some options are basic and can’t be overlooked in the process of development.

Most delivery app users find it quite satisfying to be able to track their delivery in real-time. Thus, implementing the feature into your project is necessary.


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You shouldn’t expect that every user will be utterly satisfied with the services you offer. However, unbiased user feedback along with the delivery app’s rating is crucial for the business project to thrive.

The on-demand delivery app is not only about development. It is also about the services provided. The higher is the rating, the more required and potentially profitable the project will be.


There is nothing wrong with reminding your user base about the upcoming changes, discounts, and other related matters. The more you notify the client base about your availability on the market, the harder it will be to forget about your services.

Discounts and rewards

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It is only natural to praise the most dedicated customers with all sorts of rewards, limited offers, and discounts. In the beginning, it may seem like an unprofitable venue to explore, but in the end, it turns out to be worthy of the investment.

Such promotions will keep the experienced clients on your side, but they will attract new users and take the app to the next level if required.

The average price tag

Unless you are a professional app developer, you will require to figure out the approximate budget of the on-demand app development. A list of factors may affect the investment sum, and it’s advised to determine them before you launch the development process.

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These are the following criteria:

  • Type of app development company – outsource or local (the latter is usually a costlier option);
  • Type of platform to run the app on – iOS, Android, or even both;
  • Type of services required from the development team after the primary launching;
  • Type of security applied to the app.

When you have all the questions figured, you will have a precise outline of the application you require. So, the company will be able to provide you with a precise invoice.

How do you start making a profit?

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Whether we like to admit it or not, the main reason so many apps of this kind are launched daily is the potential income they can generate. Here are the simple ways to ensure that your on-demand delivery app turns out to be twice as profitable as that of the competitors.

Flexible prices

If you are aware of the fields where your product is more required, you can apply higher delivery charges to it. While in the areas where the app is not that widely used, the charges can be reduced.

Such an approach will increase the customer base without a negative effect on the already established income.

In-app ads

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Everyone does that, and you shouldn’t make an exception. It is a safe way to grow the customer base and a way of profiting from the service providers’ ads.

Smart logistics

You can reduce the transportation cost by choosing the most logical logistics there is. It may take time to figure out the cheapest transportation routes, but the income generated will be well-tracked.

Final words

Despite the market being overfilled with all sorts of on-demand delivery apps, there are still some loopholes to spot. If you approach the app development process with caution and care, you will end up with a well-thought product programmed to generate profit.

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