If you intend to bring your business closer to young generations then TikTok might be the greatest tool available. Note that TikTok is widely used by all age groups, though young people use it the most. For that reason, having a TikTok is not enough. Before running any campaign, it is crucial to set goals you want to accomplish as well as the means to measure them. This article discusses the best TikTok analytics tools that will help you increase efficiency and conversions.

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Premium social media analytics come with Socialinsider. It brings powerful features including competitive insights, metrics, social media campaign reports, and much more. When it comes to TikTok, Socialinsider will measure your account’s performance and keep track of the valid metrics regarding the content that performed the best, post engagements, and much more. A comprehensive social media management and analytics tool such as Socialinsider is the number one pick for branded digital agencies.


Popsters are another popular tool used by numerous influencers and marketers. Popsters will let you get the stats, compare them and measure the efficiency of your posts on TikTok. It allows sorting by different parameters such as text lengths, date, or other attributes to see what makes your posts perform the best and engage the audience the most. Overall, Popsters stands for a decent analytics tool that allows quick generation of valuable reports as well as comparing data from other social media you run.


Pentos stands for a smart solution to TikTok marketing. It brings new ways to improve TikTok’s role in marketing via analytics features and monitoring. By using this TikTok analytics tool you will be able to get valid information such as insights on accounts, videos, trends, and challenges. This can be very helpful especially since you can monitor the campaigns based on different features instead of utilizing hashtags only. Considering that TikTok is all about challenges, tracking the performance of songs and videos is extremely helpful.


If we are talking about analytics tools made for marketers, influencers, and content creators then we must mention Exolyt. It is a great tool that brings a lot of benefits and upscales TikTok performance. Exolyt brings insightful reports to the table, as well as easy access to the latest trends. Importantly, campaign monitoring is automatized. There are so much data you will be able to access with Exolyt – videos, hashtags, account profiles, etc, which you can compare against the competition.


TikBuddy is yet another good solution to uplifting your TikTok account. TikBuddy provides online analytics, management, and marketing solution to TikTokers. It comes as a free web extension that integrates straight into TikTok, so you can run the platform smoothly. Some services offered by TikBuddy include industry insights, analytics and management, influencer marketing, and much more.


Tikrank is a free platform used by TikTokers around the world. Its purpose is to assist with analytics of the creator’s traits. Tikrank is a free TikTok influencer analytics tool that aims to help users analyze TikTok creators’ traits. When compared to other similar tools, Tikrank is relatively basic and provides a database that contains about one million influencers.


Many will agree that TikTok stole the show from other social media platforms. Since it doesn’t look that this trend will change anytime soon, optimization of marketing strategies is recommended. If you are planning to put your TikTok in the service of your business, these analytics tools will help you get valuable insights into your campaigns and profile.


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