SEO processes can be complicated, so the last thing that you want is for your team to be confused when you are trying to explain them. The best approach is to keep things interesting and light so that they are easy for everybody to understand and digest.

If you are wondering what the best way to do it is, flowcharts are the answer. Flowcharts allow you to turn any complicated information, processes, workflows, etc., into visuals. Visuals are much easier for the human brain to process in comparison with text alone.

Our brain processes images and visuals around sixty thousand times faster compared to text, and around 90% of the information that we take in is from visuals. So, it’s easy to see why there are plenty of reasons to use visuals instead of texts to explain processes and plans to your SEO team and make decision-making easier and more effective.

How Do Flow Charts Work?

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You can create a flowchart to break down information into more straightforward forms, making it easier for your SEO team to understand. Flowcharts can visually depict a plan, campaign, or anything else that your team needs to get a better understanding of before making any key decisions.

They map out every step in the process, which aids with decision-making since each team member can easily see the impact of each step taken.

How Flowcharts Can Improve Decision Making

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Using flowcharts can help your SEO team streamline processes. There will be no need for team members to go back and forth between managers and other members of staff to find out what needs to be done next; they can simply check the flowchart to figure out where they are up to in the process and what the next steps are.

This can make for much easier and faster decision making, since the flowchart will be there to provide answers to any questions that come up along the way. Whether you are putting together a flowchart to define the process of conducting on-site SEO for your own website or working with a client to improve their Google ranking, it can help you make quicker decisions with clear and defined goals and steps.

For example, when there is a flowchart for the entire process that everybody can access online, team members can easily refer to it, whether they are working in the office or remotely.

If you have some questions that need to be answered before you can make the best decision, simply check the flowchart, which will lead to you the answers that you need. When the flowchart does not have the answers necessary, this can be an ideal opportunity to brainstorm with your team and make some changes to the flowchart.

Get a Better Understanding of Processes

When it comes to better SEO, everybody needs to have a clear and thorough understanding of what is expected in order to make better decisions and get more effective results for your company or clients. But SEO can be complicated and time-consuming, and your employees might already be struggling to keep up with getting through their workload.

Burdening them with a lengthy email or written document to explain a process is not going to be as effective, since they are not going to be able to take in this information quickly. Instead, a flowchart that presents the same information in a more visual manner can help to save your time and the time of your employees when it comes to improving their understanding of the information that you will need to make the right decision.

With flow charts, you can easily draft work processes and information to make it easier to understand and avoid sitting for hours to understand each step.

When you and your team have access to a flow chart, the smaller decisions become much easier to make since you can conveniently find information on all the actions that need to be taken for each step to be complete.  This can be made through the use of arrows or symbols that direct the flow of the chart.

Improved Communication

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When it comes to making decisions for SEO teams, it is rarely ever a case where one person is making a decision on their own. Everybody needs to be up to date with the latest information so that they can effectively make the right decision on behalf of the company or client.

When a decision is made, this needs to be effectively communicated to the rest of the team so that they can make any necessary changes to their workflow. Using a flowchart makes communication and collaboration easier between SEO teams, allowing for quicker decision making that nobody is left out of.

One of the main advantages of flowcharts is that they allow you to easily document important business decisions during brainstorming sessions. Once the data is represented on the chart it will be easier for all team members to refer to when needed after the session. Flowcharts can also be used by teams collaboratively to analyze and make decisions regarding any necessary improvements to current strategies and processes.

Reduce Stress and Promote a Better Work Environment

Stress can cause all kinds of problems within the work environment and keeping your SEO team’s stress levels low can help you all work better together, make better decisions and be more productive. Studies have found that around sixty-five percent of people are visual learners, so it makes sense that there are going to be some people on your team who learn better visually.

Instead of presenting information and data that is to be used to make important decisions in text format, which might be stressful for them to get through, you can reduce stressors in the work environment by presenting information in a visual format instead.

Visual learners on your team will digest the information faster and easier, reducing workplace stress and productivity overall while helping retain your best employees. When it comes to planning SEO strategies and making important SEO decisions, your team can benefit from visual information in the form of flowcharts.

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