A website questionnaire helps you understand the needs of the client. Hence, you have to create it and ask your client to answer it so that you can be guided well on what you should do to help their business prosper dramatically. In today’s business landscape, having a website is a requirement.

The main purpose is for all businesses to be represented online. That said, your client’s business should be accessible and visible online. Failure to realize it can cause your client’s business to suffer from setbacks and drawbacks.

It is necessary to have a website questionnaire because it serves as your guide on how you can meet the needs of your client when it comes to their website. Remember that satisfying the prospective users of the site is the ultimate goal. You cannot achieve this goal when you do not fully understand the nature of your customer’s business.

For creating a good questionnaire with a number of question types and functionalities you may make use of the WordPress Survey plugin. The Survey Maker plugin has all the tools for you to make not only informative but also engaging questionnaires. Survey Maker makes this process clear and easy even for those who aren’t tech-savvy persons.

Add the participants’ names and emails and integrate them into your software with the help of approved integrations such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Google Sheet etc.

However, not all participants are willing to reveal their identities. Some of them, and sometimes the majority, desire anonymity. Create an anonymous survey and protect the identities of your respondents so that they will give you their honest opinion.

Understanding the nature of your customer’s business venture is necessary for the purpose of attracting more potential customers to come, visit and use their website. When there are a lot of people who will use their website, it will lead to more business opportunities.

Collecting enough data and information regarding your customer’s business is relatively significant as far as growth and success are concerned. Your client’s business is at stake here. You have to recognize the fact that your customer can only achieve their goals when they understand their business. So, their web questionnaire must be purposeful and specific. It has to reach the bottom of your client’s venture.

The implication is quite simple. The questions to be included in the questionnaire must be directed towards having a clear comprehension of how your client can meet the expectations of the prospective users.

Your client’s website should be designed well and has to represent their company and brand on the web. Digital representation is a rule of thumb considering the popularity of the Internet these days. But, what is the bottom line?

Simply put, there has to be a smooth interaction of the users with respect to your client’s website. That is why the overall website design and theme should be geared towards the provision of a great user experience. Through this, your client’s business will be recognized as a top provider of effective solutions (products or services).

Reasons why your client needs a website questionnaire

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Below are the specific reasons why your client badly needs a website design questionnaire.

It helps you create the right website for the users

Remember this: You cannot achieve success when your client does not please the audience. When it comes to the website of your client, it has to be purposeful and specific. The bottom line is, there is nothing more important than the ability of your client’s website to meet the needs of the users. Designing a website is crucial because it has to serve the needs of the users. When the users’ demands are omitted, of course, such a website will miss the opportunity to attract and convert more leads. Keep in mind that your client’s success depends on the satisfaction level of the target customers.

Creating the right website for the users is the ultimate factor why your client has to answer all the questions in the site questionnaire. It is not sufficient that you have the knowledge regarding complex coding and the like. Such particular knowledge is just part of the big picture. You need to fully understand the needs of the people who might use the website.

When you can provide the best website for the client’s potential customers, there is a certainty that their business will go to the next level. Hence, it is really a must that you ask relevant questions for the client to answer.

A perfect website is one that provides solutions that are perfect for the public. Does it mean it is a need to create a perfect business website? The answer to this question is yes. What your client needs is a perfect website, nothing else. When there is a perfect website, it does mean one thing. It is able to provide what is being needed by the audience.

It is able to meet the users’ expectations; thus, making them happy. Their satisfaction put this in mind can lead to ultimate growth and dramatic success. So, it is really significant that you create a website questionnaire that will draw facts and information from the client.

It helps your client save time and money

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Did you know that one of the great benefits of a relatively perfect website is it can help save time and money? Yes, you read it right. So, the site should be straightforward and on-point. The bottom line is you need to create a site that is perfect for the needs of the client’s customers.

Having said this, it is necessary to ask client-specific questions which will drive you to create a suitable website. Doing this can really make your client’s business really prosperous. Why? Because of the fact that you can help them save time and money.

Why is having a website can help save money and time? The main answer to this question lies in the aspect of marketing. You can help the client definitely save time and money when there is a website that will represent it online. The website itself can act as a marketing tool and platform.

So, instead of paying for traditional promotional campaigns and marketing strategies, like paying primetime ads on TV and prints, your client can use a specific website. In lieu of spending a huge amount of money for the traditional business campaigns on TVs and prints, your client can simply have a website.

A website is a digital platform to be used for free advertising. When there is a website, the owner will just have to promote it online through organic approaches. Search engine optimization is the key factor here. The owner of the site will just have to hire a digital marketing company that will supervise the SEO activities.

If possible, the company to be hired is the one to also handle the design and creation of the site so that the expenses (cost) will be inclusive. By doing this, the client will see that the expenses to be incurred for the digital marketing agency can provide them with many benefits. Needless to say, the client can save a lot of time and money, and, of course, it will lead to more prosperous business activities.

It helps the client boost their brand

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Intensifying the brand is not a walk in the park. What is the implication? There is a need to focus on the steps and strategies on how your client’s brand will be strengthened. Doing digital marketing and branding is the key strategy here. How to do this? Well, the presence of a website can help your client achieve their branding goals and objectives.

When we say a brand, it simply means the good stories that are reflective of your client’s products and/or services. Their brand is their own business identity. Their brand is the recognition aspect of the potential customers as to the effectiveness of your client’s company in providing certain solutions.

Your client’s brand should be recognized by the potential market as the main provider of the needed solutions. People will look for products or services online. They will search for relevant websites. That said, it is important that your client can have the right website. This is the main reason why you have to ask them to answer a website questionnaire.

You really have to know the main focus of your client with respect to providing specific products or services. Your client’s business cannot reach its full potential when there is no website to be accessed on the Internet.

When your client’s website is perfectly created and, at the same time, is visible online, it will lead to an increase in the brand identity level. Such an increase can serve as an indicator that your client’s business is working. The bottom line is you have to make sure that your client’s website can provide what is being needed by the target market.

In terms of good stories about your client’s products/services, the website itself should be able to convey them to the audience. Remember that before a particular customer patronizes a brand, he or she will evaluate first the legitimacy of the brand through online facts and information. This is where your client’s website can act specifically on the aspect of meeting the client’s needs.

3 specific questions in the questionnaire

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Below are the three most common questions to be included in a website questionnaire.

What is the main focus of your company and business?

Asking this question is so important for success. When a certain client inks a contract with you, it means you are being trusted to provide the best website for potential users. It is significant that you fully understand the main focus of their business. Their company can only stand out when the website can specifically provide what is needed by the target users.

In terms of content structure and information architecture, the website itself should be able to provide great user satisfaction. The truth of the matter is that your client’s success depends on how relevant the website of the client is to the needs of the users.

Your client should tell you about their company. The products or services must, of course, justify the nature of their business. It is a common goal that the potential users of the products or services must be happy. Their happiness reflects their satisfaction. Hence, your client’s business cannot succeed when there is an absence of user satisfaction.

Satisfying the customers should be evident in the suitability of the website with the potential customers’ needs. That said, it is necessary to ask the client to tell everything about their company and business.

Who is your target audience, and why have you chosen them?

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Defining the potential market is essential as far as doing a lucrative business is concerned. That said, it is necessary that you ask a question related to this aspect. The target market (potential customers) must be well-defined. Why? Because it is only through this, you can bring their brand to the next level.

When the potential market is determined, of course, it can then be easy for the client to create specific products for them. And the website of your client must be able to convey a story regarding this. This is the only way your client’s website can be taken as a source of relevant details and information.

Choosing the right market is important for business success. It is through this process that you can elevate the chance of your client’s business going to the next level. When the market is identified, it can lead to a more specific approach in resolving the problems of the audience.

For example, if the client chooses kids and teens as the target market, obviously, the products or services should be specific to the chosen target market. For sure, your client will be selling kids’ products or services for the kids and teens. And, of course, the website should be suitable and perfect for kids and teens. Otherwise, your client’s website will not be able to attract the target market.

Do you currently have a website? Is it working or not?

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Your client does probably already have a website. The problem is it is not working in accordance with the goals and objectives of your client. Thus, your client’s business is not succeeding. So, they hire you because they want their business to go to the next level. That said, you have to be specific with your approach and strategy.

You need to evaluate the factors that have caused your client’s website to not perform well. There are a lot of things that must thoroughly be examined and assessed. Come up with solid findings and use them to improve your client’s website.

Go back to the most basic strategy. What is that? It’s all about user experience. Find out the reasons why the users are unhappy. Of course, it is obvious that your client’s website is not working when the users (customers) are unhappy. The content structure and quality, as well as the visuals, typography, and overall design, should be taken into consideration.

Always remember that for your client’s website to stand out from the rest of the competitors, it must be able to meet the needs of the clients. So, this is the basic rule: You have to evaluate the client’s existing website if there is any. Synthesize your findings based on your actual, technical observation.

Wrapping up: Be the best service provider!

As a website design agency that also caters to the digital marketing needs of your client, you have to really provide your best service. Be the best provider ever! What is the implication? Your client should be happy with the way you serve them. You can attain this goal only if you are able to understand their needs and demands.

That is why it is suggested that you can come up with a relevant website questionnaire. Use templated questions to arrive at facts and detailed information. You can be a great asset to your client when you are able to serve them with all your best. As much as possible, make your client happy by providing them with the most helpful and functional website for the target users.

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