So many software-based companies are trying to hire React JS developers for their business and coming up short. React JS is fast becoming a popular, but rare skill, to hire for. In fact, even if you find one, how to assess potential React developers can be a daunting task. If you are looking for React JS developers for hire, look no further. We can help!

What is React JS?


React is a declarative, flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces that is used by front-end developers. It is really efficient and lets you compose complex user interfaces from small, isolated pieces of code. These code pieces are called components.

Most companies that hire a React programmer are looking for someone to work on the front-end of their site or application. React was first created by Jordan Walke, an engineer working on Facebook. React was first deployed by Facebook about ten years ago and has become really popular because developers can create large web applications that can change data without reloading the page.

When you hire React JS developers you are hiring developers that can work fast, simple, and in a way that is scalable.

What are some React JS features?

React JS is declarative, component-based, extensive, fast, easy to learn and it supports the server side. React JS uses JSX instead of regular JavaScript. JSX allows HTML quoting and uses HTML tag syntax in order to render subcomponents. The syntax is processed into JavaScript calls of the React Framework, but many React developers will also write in pure JavaScript.

The React native libraries provide the React architecture to native applications like IOS, Android, and UPD.

Why Hire React JS Developers?

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Even though there are many open-source platforms for front-end web app development, there are several reasons for using React. React has numerous benefits over other competitive technologies and frameworks.
Here is why developers love React JS:

It’s Easy

React JS is simple to learn right away. The component-based approach, the well-defined lifecycle, and the application of JavaScript make React simple to learn and adopt. Developers can build professional applications and support it quickly. Developers can also mix HTML with JavaScript if they want to.

Anyone with basic programming knowledge can understand React, compared to other domain-specific languages like Angular and Ember. You only need to have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you are using an offshore team to work on your user interfaces with React JS, they will easily assimilate with your in-house team and pass the necessary skills on to them.

The Native and Binding Approach

React is simple to use when creating mobile apps through React Native. It’s also easy to support extensive code reusability when making IOS, Android, and Web applications at once. React uses one-way data binding and an app architecture that controls the flow of data to components through one control point called the dispatcher.

This is called Flux controls. It makes it easy to debug self-contained components of large React JS applications.

Where Can You Find React JS developers?

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When you are building a start-up or growing your new company or applications, you need to hire a large workforce of developers that fit the bill in terms of skills and salaries. The largest communities of skilled React JS developers are based outside the US and the UK, which is why so many companies are turning to offshoring to meet their needs.

Offshoring has the added benefit of reducing costs. Top React JS developers are hard to find for in-house teams because React JS is so popular, and developers have their pick of companies to work for. In the United States alone the average React JS developer salary is well over $64 per hour or $183,500 per year, even for entry-level developers.

It is much cheaper to hire developers through offshoring companies. If you decide to hire React JS developers offshore, you gain access to the largest community of talented team members who take care of all your development needs with none of the admin hassles.

It’s a smooth and efficient working experience for both parties and comes at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

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