A common criticism of Reddit by marketers is that the demographics are limited to geeky internet nerds who hate advertising and expect everything to be free. The truth is that Reddit has a wide range of demographics that have been segmented into topic-based communities for easy targeting.

What are the demographics of Reddit?

It is known that Reddit’s biggest group of users are males, age 18-29. But Reddit has a huge user base (over 100 million people) that contain all types of people. Much like Facebook and Twitter, there is a little bit of everyone on Reddit.

One thing we do know about redditors is that they are discussion oriented individuals. They like to debate, discuss, argue, and most importantly share the things they read online. This behavior is what marketers can leverage when communicating on Reddit.

How to make Reddit’s demographics work for you

It is a mistake to think of Reddit as one homogeneous community that congregates on a single page. When you take a closer look, you see that Reddit is made up of thousands of smaller discussion communities called subreddits. To find the right demographic, you have to find the right subreddit. If you need help finding subreddits relevant to your business, read this post.

Once you find the right subreddit, you must engage it in a way that adds value to the community. The easiest way for you to contribute value is to become an educated member of the community. Take the time to learn the rules, norms, and culture of the community. After you become a true member, you can try sharing expert content or asking for feedback on something you do as a business. These types of activities speak to the average redditor unlike traditional call-to-action marketing because they contribute value to the space. You will be rewarded over time if your consistently contribute value to the communities that matter to your business.

The Ultimate Demographic

The ultimate demographic is not a gender, age group, or income level. It is someone that has directly expressed interest in your products or services.

On Reddit, you can easily monitor when someone mentions your brand name or a related keyword. Engage these redditors to solve their problem, provide more information, or just say, “Hi”. Does it matter what gender, age, or income level someone is if they are interested in what you do? Read our post about monitoring your brand on Reddit here.

We are challenging you to look at marketing on Reddit in a different way than traditional advertising. Your goal should not be direct sales. It should be to engage users, learn about them, and contribute value to their communities. Do anything to make their experience on Reddit better. Your contribution will be recognized by the community and rewarded.

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