Most of the serious problems any house owner can face are related to structural damage or so-called foundation problems. Whether it is just the damage, the leaks, or something else, these problems are often characterized as quite costly to fix or repair. Addressing foundation problems promptly is perhaps the crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration so safety and stability do not get compromised. As some might expect, identifying the root of the problem is the very first step. The majority of the causes of foundation problems are related to low soil quality, malfunctioning drainage, etc. However, understanding the cause of the problem can help you take the best action against it. Companies like 1-800-Foundation specialize in providing help with foundation-related problems. From basic foundation repair help and replacement to advising and consulting, one can get a very deep insight into the importance of promptly addressing foundation problems. Experts and professionals in the field will be at your service if you ever need help with investing in your home by adding value to it.

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Foundation repair is perhaps the most effective way of addressing foundation problems. Sometimes, several different techniques can be utilized, such as slab jacking, underpinning, or piercing. If the process involves excavation and strengthening the land under the foundation, then we talk about underpinning. On the other hand, slab jacking engages with the injection of grout into the soil and raises the foundation. Installation of steel and concrete piers to protect from further settling. This is very important because some foundation repairs can cost between $5.000 and $7.000, or even higher if some other section of the home is damaged.

Cosmetic Damage vs Foundation Problem

Cosmetic damage is often related to surface-level damage that can be found on the building. They certainly contribute to the decrease in its value, but do not represent a structural concern that can jeopardize the whole building. On the other side of the poll are the foundation’s problems. Such issues can be a sign of significant structural damage that can make the structure crumble on its own. Cosmetic damage comes as a secondary effect once the foundation’s problems escalate. Cosmetic damage also happens due to other factors which are often tied to poor construction or water damage. Note that ignoring the problem can lead to catastrophic effects, and this also includes cosmetic damage you notice.

Importance of Prompt Reaction

Identification of foundation problems can be quite challenging since the first signs often appear to be similar to minor problems of cosmetic nature. For example, although the cracks in the wall can be superficial, they can certainly mean a shift in elevation. For that reason, most foundation problems might slide unnoticed from several weeks to several months. Luckily, this article uncovers the most common warning signs so you know your foundation needs attention on time. The content is highly suitable for those that have no clue or idea what foundation problems look like. Ensuring proper drainage around the house is highly important too. Sometimes it involves the installation of a so-called French drain system which refers to channeling the water away from the foundation. On some occasions, homeowners need to indulge in grading the soil around the foundation to ensure that the water goes away from the house, not the other way around. However, there are certain prevention measures often taken by homeowners to minimalize the risk of problems with the foundation. Regular inspections and check-ups can help a house owner identify any potential threat before it can become a serious problem.

How Bad Can It Get?

When things go bad, they go bad to a certain extent. When a problem with the foundation escalates, things go to the ground. If foundations shifted or do not have proper support, it can cause serious structural damage. Besides well-known walls cracking, doors and windows cannot open or close properly. In the worst scenario, the building collapses due to foundation problems. There can also be water damage present due to foundation problems. In that case, water enters the object and damages walls, ceilings, and floors. Keep in mind that health is one of the areas of impact as well. Foundation problems can cause health hazards that lead to respiratory problems or allergies. Also, if anything brings down the property value – it is the foundation problem. Not only the repair can get very expensive and time-consuming, but the loss of the property value also makes it extremely difficult to sell. Reconstruction can sometimes require the engagement of more than one expert or company. That is why it is always important to have consultations with professional foundation contractors who identify the problem through a detailed inspection.


It is no secret that a foundation is the backbone of any site or building. Addressing problems with foundations can never be overlooked in that sense because any structural damage can bring the whole building down. Keep in mind that some foundation problems can have certain cosmetic damage as a sign of a deeper and more complex problem. Sometimes it can be as cracks in the wall, or unbalanced floor, etc. Addressing a foundation’s problems can be crucial for avoiding further damage, expensive repairs, or even a catastrophe. When assessing foundation problems, it is important to consult experienced and credible professionals or foundation contractors which can help you take the best course of action. Throughout an inspection, the experts easily diagnose the cause of the problem and create a repair plan. To increase overall safety and security, always make sure you call the experts on time to prevent further damage and notorious consequences due to the foundation’s problems.

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